I went to the Renaissance Festival yesterday with Doug and KT. First, I must mention the extreme irony involved in this: Saturday, I won a contest at work. Sunday, I went to Ren Fest with 2 people. Today, I got my prize: 3 free Ren Fest tickets. Oh, irony…you have finally bested me!

Anyway, it was a good time – it was Irish Heritage weekend. We found my family’s tartan colors and the area of Ireland that we’re originally from, and I may have found my celtic ring. As we were leaving, however, I noticed a piece of paper under my windshield, so we stopped to grab it in case it was important. Turns out it was a Bible verse. Which, actually, is quite like the actual Renaissance. With the birth of science/technology/art/literature/you-name-it, religion became a highly debated topic and Christians had to work overtime to spread their message. Although I didn’t need the Jesus messaging, I have to admit that it did feel like a somewhat honest portrayal after leaving the festival.

And now I have 3 Ren Fest tickets. What to do?