Here’s my version of a #FF (Follow Friday on Twitter, for you non-Tweeters) – aka ways to waste time at work:

1. I’ve shared this before, but it’s just too damn funny not to share again. DYAC makes me want to get a smartphone just to have these horrifying experiences.

2. Everyone knows it, but who doesn’t love seeing random kitty pictures? Plus they have a kajillion other pieces to their site, including Puns, daily Squee!,  and the FAIL Blog.

3. Facebook/Twitter: I feel lame for even listing those, but they do include a good portion of my time-wasting efforts.

4. Other blogs: Hyperbole and a Half – Newfound treasure that reminds me of David Sedaris in blog form. Spastic Musings is a mixed-bag of goodies. See Jane Run…the Show is a good feminista blog. I’ll add others to my blogroll as the time comes.

And the top time-waster…

5. Like you thought I wouldn’t put this on there. The ultimate sarcasm site? Come on.