I thought I’d post 10 questions about current happenings or ideas. Repost in your blog so I can see your 10 current answers!

1. What book are you currently reading? The Time Traveler’s Wife – I love it so far!
2. What is your song of the day today? “Mezzanine” by Massive Attack
3. What’s your quote of the day today? “Behind every gray cloud is a sun just waiting to shine.” Any day now…
4. What are you worried about right now? Finances, job, money, school, depression…there’s a list. =P
5. What are your plans for the weekend? Speech tournament at Eden Prairie allllll day long on Saturday, errands and relaxing on Sunday.
6. Who are you thinking about right now? My doctor. Just got test results. Ugh.
7. One word that describes something you think is essential. Communication.
8. What’s one wish you have for another person today? That my boyfriend will find the right medicine for him.
9. What’s your favorite “big idea” from this century? Wind energy (to have something different from all those who are going to say social media 🙂 ).
10. What are you looking forward to in the next few weeks? Sleeping! But also seeing my kids compete at speech tournaments and finally seeing my boyfriend after a four-week hiatus.