I’ll try to post my truths on Thursday now – I like theme days! I realize my theme for this post is rather narrowed in focus, but the truth is, I have a rather sensitive stomach. Here are five examples:

1) I can’t take most pills on an empty stomach. I’m not unusual in this respect. A lot of people get an upset stomach if they try to take pills on an empty stomach. In particular, I can’t take vitamins, fish oil supplements, or most prescription medications without food…a lot of food. A full meal, in fact. I can take a few things, however, such as my birth control pill or Ibuprofen.

2) I might be allergic to alcohol. People wonder why I don’t party or drink much. I did a certain amount of partying back in college, but I rarely drink nowadays. Partially I don’t drink because I don’t get “happy” when I drink – instead, whatever mood I’m in gets exaggerated tenfold. Largely, however, it’s because I often feel sick the next morning, even when I’ve only had a couple of drinks. When I have a hangover, I throw up for hours. Literally, hours. I’ll spend the entire day lying in a pool of my own self pity throwing up nothing because there’s nothing left. Now, I don’t binge drink or drink too much (in the past I did a couple of times, but not now). I know I can’t eat ANY sugary products when I drink. I don’t know if it’s all alcohol or just vodka that makes me sick, but I’m not particularly jumping in my seat to find out.

3) I can eat pretty much anything after I’m sick. I may be stuck in the bathroom for hours, but once I’m done being sick and finally ready to eat, I can eat pretty much anything. Pizza, french fries, coke…you name it, I can probably eat it. It doesn’t mean I will want to…well, usually it does.

4) When I experience motion sickness, I feel it for hours. Thankfully, I’m not really the type to get motion sickness. But I was dumb enough recently to think that I could read names on a bus. I know better than that. I know that reading on buses makes me incredibly sick to my stomach. Unfortunately, it took a couple of hours for that feeling to truly pass. Similarly, I went whale watching on a windy day in high school, got quite sick on the boat, and spent the entire evening lying in bed. I’m not sure why it sticks with me.

5) I wonder/worry about becoming lactose-intolerant or developing diabetes or Celiac’s disease. I’m not sure why I think about this, but I like to wonder about which of these three awful problems I’d rather have: intolerance to lactose, allergic to wheat, or issues with insulin? Perhaps this is because I’ve seen it in action: My best friend is allergic to lactose; a colleague next door has Celiac’s disease; and my family has had issues with diabetes. I’m not keen to get any of them, but I think I’d do best with lactose. =/

Do you have stomach issues or are you good to go like my lucky boyfriend?