I believe that there’s a song that fits my mood almost all of the time. I may not always know what it is, but usually I can find one that fits. For example, I tend to gravitate toward Portishead when I’m down. Therefore, similarly to a former trend on Twitter, I’m going to post a song of the day each Monday. This Monday is…

Massive Attack – “Inertia Creeps”

Not going to lie, the video creeps me out a little because I’m not sure what the message is supposed to be – but the song is definitely not about violence and their music has never been about that, so I think it’s okay. I especially love the end of the song. I’ve had a rough week, so I’ve been listening to Massive Attack for about a week straight – that’s an automatic cause and effect, but their music is energizing and soothing at the same time. Oh – and for those who don’t know, this is trip-hop. 🙂

What’s your song of the day?