I’ll admit it – I’m stealing this theme from Kate. She posted a great blog yesterday about her top 10 female badass characters and immediately the ideas started flowing – so every Tuesday, I shall have a post about TV characters or shows! I’ll also try to find a clip of my #1 character/show. I might even insert a movie or two in there. 🙂 I should make the disclaimer that I don’t want a ton of TV so my characters may be a bit limited, but I’m always open to suggestions! I have many TV shows on my list and will likely want to revise these later, but for now…

To start, I think it’s only fair to mention my top 10 favorite ladies on TV. I have to say, thinking of 10 was actually quite difficult. There are a ton of female characters out there on TV that I enjoy, but they’re not necessarily my favorites (River from “Firefly”, Catherine from “CSI”). Nevertheless, here we go:

10. Penelope Garcia – For those who don’t recognize her name, she’s the computer tech wiz on Criminal Minds. There are many reasons I love her: she’s brilliant, she’s a bigger-and-still-beautiful woman, and she’s sassy as hell. She works for the FBI but likes to answer the phone with openers such as “You’ve reached Penelope Garcia in the FBI’s office of Supreme Genius,” or “How may I save your ass today?” Not to mention she flirts hardcore with one of the hottest men on TV. She’s pretty awesome.

9. Santana Lopezfirst season – I go back and forth with Santana. I felt like she really developed in the first season of Glee, but in the second season, the writers have brought her back to where she was in the beginning of the show. I understand wanting to keep a stereotypical bitch around, but that just doesn’t work. Regardless, I loved her at the end of season one. I really hope we see more of that soon!

8. Kaylee Frye – Most people who watch Firefly prefer Wash or Mal, but I think my favorite character is Kaylee. She is just plain adorable! She’s sunshine put in human form. She rarely lets problems get her down and she’s incredibly loyal. She’s also not afraid to talk about her sexuality in a way that’s not over-the-top sexual, which is always refreshing to see.

7. Parker – We don’t know Parker’s real name. We don’t even know if she has a real name. But she is one of my very favorite characters on Leverage. She has odd social interactions and loves getting into the thick of dangerous situations. Suffice it to say that someone on the team described her as “20 pounds of crazy in a 5-pound bag.”

6. Buffy Summers – The creators of Buffy evolved Buffy in some very interesting ways. That being said, I still love Buffy. I can’t say that I’m thrilled with the various transformations she’s gone through, but I love her consistent struggle with being human vs. being a superhero, especially in love. I love her back-and-forth with Angel, I completely understand her difficulties with Riley, and her character evolves so dramatically with Spike. Plus, she dies twice, which you have to admit is pretty cool. I think it’s her wit that really draws me in, though. She always has something offbeat to say, no matter how deep the situation is. That’s my kind of girl. I should mention that I had Willow on this list also, but she just lost out to Parker.

5. Sally Harper – I love Coupling. I should clarify that when I say Coupling, I’m always referring to the British version of the show. It’s basically Friends with sex. There are episodes about the sock gap and the giggle loop – and if you don’t understand those references, you need to watch this show! Anyway, the ladies are all great, but I particularly love Sally. She’s incredibly insecure and worried about getting old, but she becomes the most evolved character in the entire series. I’m definitely on her side by the end.

4. The ladies from Friends, especially Rachel GreeneFriends was the first TV show that I loved. I have the entire series on DVD and I still watch it. I gravitate towards Rachel, but I can’t omit the other ladies. I connect with Monica’s anal nature and Phoebe’s wackiness. Their group (guys included) had such an effect on me that I used to wish I had a close-knit group of friends like that.

3. Kris Furillo – Most of you have likely never seen Wildfire from ABC Family, but I love this show. Kris is the lead character and she’s amazing. She makes mistakes, to be sure – like stealing her favorite horse to compete in an illegal cross-country race – but she is one of the strongest female characters out there. She came from prison and is tough as nails, but as she begins to open up, you see that she’s also fiercely loyal and passionate.

2. Kate BeckettCastle is my favorite show on TV right now, partly because I love Nathan Fillion, but partly because I love Kate Beckett (played by Stana Katic). She’s another badass female character – absolutely gorgeous, doesn’t take crap from anybody (including some very tough looking male criminals), and deals out the sarcasm to Castle on a regular basis. It’s no wonder he’s into her. If I were a lesbian, I might be too! But my favorite is still…

1. Carrie Bradshaw – You either love or could care less about Sex and the City – in fact, I used to fall in the latter category. Once I started watching it, however, I really connected with Carrie’s character. She puts everything she has into her relationships, both friendships and romantic ones. There are some moments of desperation, which I don’t tie to, but she is run by her emotions – just like me. Sure, there are some unrealistic things about her – she’s a writer in that apartment in NYC? – but overall, she’s incredibly believable to me. She’s one of the most passionate people on TV (in the true sense of the word “passion”). And come on – she has over 100 pairs of designer shoes.

Here’s the clip! Carrie has just moved back from Paris suddenly, so that’s why her friends freak out. But it’s the final quotes that I really love.

*Note: There is sexual content and nudity in this clip.

Who are your favorite female TV show characters?