I don’t really believe in astrology, not in the cheesy stereotypical sense anyway. I do think that certain people could have similar characteristics simply because the planets would be in similar alignments at that time – however, that’s pretty subjective. Where I do find some validity is in the idea of the elements. I’m a water sign. I’ve ALWAYS been a water baby. I love the water. I like to just sit by the ocean and watch the waves come in. That sound is so relaxing to me.

Yeah, that’s me.

Ooh, that’s pretty. Let’s have another!

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Oh, yeah. Anyway, I’m drawn to water. But it goes beyond that. I do actually encompass many of the water element traits. Water signs are emotional (ha – you think?), empathic (more than you know), don’t do well with confinement, caring, artistic, overly fantasize, sensitive. That’s me in a wordy nutshell! Water is movable. A quote from Memoirs of a Geisha sums it up well: “Water can carve its way through stone. And when trapped, water makes a new path.”

Interestingly, my boyfriend has similar feelings about astrology and the elements. He’s an earth sign, so he’s down-to-earth, grounded, skeptical, realistic, and introverted. What makes it really interesting (my thoughts, not his) is that he falls on the edge of an astrological sign (earth and air) and he’s bipolar, so he doesn’t always follow the earthly characteristics. For example, he’s not self-assured when he’s depressed (who is?). Overall, though, he stays pretty true to earth.

Perhaps our mixture is why we feel content with moving to California – I get my ocean and he has the mountains nearby. Truthfully, we’re not drawn to those elements in life – he doesn’t feel very safe with large amounts of water and, although they’re beautiful, I’m not moved by mountains like I am by water. In our element signs, however, we balance each other out – he helps me stay grounded when my emotions overrun me and my empathy allows me to know when he needs me. So maybe there is something to this astrological element thing after all.

Let’s have one last picture.

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