January ended up being an incredibly long month, but somehow it took me this long to get around to posting a 2010 wrap-up! And you know how I love lists and surveys.

1. Was 2010 a good year for you? At certain points, yes. Other times, a resounding no. I suppose that’s true of most years.

2. What was your favorite moment of the year? Being on the beach in Santa Cruz with my boyfriend. It was his first time visiting California and although this was before we decided to focus on moving to Santa Cruz, it was still my favorite city and our first full day. We were with best friends and the ocean on a sunny day – what could be better?

3. What was your least favorite moment of the year? Moments of depression. I had a few of these low points this year, unfortunately. Thankfully people I could not live without helped me through them and I started seeing a counselor to help with grief (from losing my grandmother).

4. Where were you when 2010 began? At a friend’s house.

5. Who were you with? A group of friends, but especially with my boyfriend at the ball drop.

6. What is your 2011 New Year’s resolution? Destress. I don’t usually bother with resolutions because they’re so easy to break, but I felt this was really crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and mind. I made some major changes in the beginning of this month to really emphasize destressing and hope to continue finding ways to calm down.

7. Did you break up with anyone in 2010? Definitely not. 🙂

8. Did you make any new friends in 2010? I did! I always love when new people find their way into my life. I met a few awesome ladies through work and have a couple of great roommates that I met in 2010.

9. How many different states did you travel to in 2010? Technically I went to Hudson a few times, which is just over the border in Wisconsin, but otherwise just California.

10. Did you lose anybody close to you in 2010? I did. 😦 My grandfather died on August 27, 2010 from a valiant battle with lung cancer. We also had to put down my puppy last February due to bone cancer. All of my deceased loved ones have died from cancer.

11. Did you miss anybody in the past year? Every day. The first person I lost who was close to me, my grandmother, was my idol and my best friend. I especially miss my deceased family during holidays – it’s just not the same.

12. What was your favorite movie that you saw in 2010? Inception. It took me a while to think of this and then I had to wonder why it took me so long once I remembered it.

13. What was your favorite song from 2010? Truthfully, I don’t listen to popular music that much so I’m going to go with my favorite song that I learned of in 2010 – and I’m not sure I can pick one! I’ll say “Everlong” by Foo Fighters.

14. How many concerts did you see in 2010? No music concerts, but my boyfriend and I did see Brian Regan, a live comedian, perform last April. Awesome.

15. Did you do anything you are ashamed of this year? Nothing comes to mind. I try to live life with no regrets, which means that I can’t do things that I would regret.

16. What was the biggest lie you told in 2010? “Oh, yeah, I know what I’m doing.”

17. What was your most embarrassing moment of 2010? I don’t get embarrassed very easily. I honestly can’t even think of a moment.

18. What is one thing you did in 2010 that you’d never done before? Went to Wheel of Fortune auditions. It was kind of lame, but kind of funny at the same time. Worth a shot!

19. What would you like to have in 2011 that you lacked in 2010? Direction. Change. Consistency.

20. What moments from 2010 will remain etched upon your memory, and why? When my boyfriend’s mom (a florist) saved me white carnations so I could buy them for the anniversary of my grandmother’s death – that was incredibly touching. My grandfather’s funeral – it lasted an entire day and was so entirely true to my family because the concept of family is essential to mine. Seeing an otter in real life at Point Lobos State Park – the most adorable creature ever.

21. What was your biggest achievement of the year? Growing into my relationship and beginning to figure out who I am and what I need. It’s the very slow beginning of a process that takes an entire lifetime, but it’s started.

22. What was your biggest failure? Not taking care of myself more. Hence my resolution for this year.

23. Did you suffer illness or injury? Not badly. I take vitamins and fish oil every day and have tried to exercise more regularly, and I think that makes a HUGE difference.

24. What was the best thing you bought? Hard question! Tied between a gorgeous sweater dress from Maurice’s for only $17.50 (because that just doesn’t happen!) and finally breaking down and buying The Chemistry of Joy by Henry Emmons, MD.

25. Whose behavior merited celebration? My grandmother. What a trooper. She took incredible care of my grandfather while he was dying and then accepted his death well after he passed (not that it wouldn’t have merited celebration if she had completely fallen apart).

26. Whose behavior made you appalled? Congress. Holy cow, I cannot believe some of the crap that they are proposing.

27. Where did most of your money go? Food and bills, mostly. I don’t really have the money to splurge.

28. What did you get really, really, really excited about? My trip to California with Doug – I booked the tickets in early February for a May trip and had a countdown starting in March.

29. Compared to this time last year, are you:
a) happier or hardened? Both? Definitely both.

b) thinner or fatter? A little bigger, sadly.

c) richer or poorer? About the same or poorer.

30. What do you wish you’d done more of? Time with the boyfriend. Travel. Sleep. Relax.

31. What do you wish you’d done less of? Stress!

32. What was your favorite TV program? Last year, it was probably Glee – I used to race home to watch it. This year I’m bigger on Castle.

33. What was the best book you read? The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – that whole trilogy was amazing!

34. What was your greatest musical discovery? Hmmm…Glee? Blue Foundation? Foo Fighters? I was really into all of them at some point throughout the year.

35. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you? 25 – went to dinner with friends. Nothing too amazing, but a good time.

36. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying? Finding a career job.

37. What kept you sane? My friends, family, and boyfriend.

38. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2010. You can’t do everything, so stop trying!

39. Quote a song lyric that sums up the year. “Everything must come and go” from “Field Below” by Regina Spektor

40. What are you looking forward to the most in 2011? Moving on. 🙂

Oh – and happy birthday to my best friend!!!!