Last week, I posted my top 10 favorite female characters on TV, so it’s only fair to the boys to post my top 10 favorite male characters this week. As usual, these are subjective and not always in order. And I’m always open to suggestions!

10. Xander Harris – I didn’t feel like getting into the Angel/Spike debate, so I figured that I would avoid all of that and list another favorite male character of mine from Buffy. Xander is a complete goofball, but he is a true member of the Scoobies. Despite the fact that he has the least to offer – he’s the only “normal” one of the team – and he knows that, he still does what he can to help in the fight against evil. His character has an interesting evolution that I hope leads to a happy ending (I’m just starting the final season).

9. Will Schuster – Who could fail to fall for Matthew Morrison’s charm, good looks, and obvious passion for kids and music on Glee? Other than Emma, who apparently couldn’t fail to fall for John Stamos’ charm, good looks, and obvious passion for dental hygiene. I really adore Schu. He’s so clearly passionate about the Glee club, music, and teaching. Plus he’s a fantastic singer, so that doesn’t hurt.

8. Gregory House – I have to admit, I haven’t seen much of this show since the 5th season started, but I still love House. House is snarky, angry, uncaring, and incredibly brilliant. He has very complex relationships with the people in his life (all hospital colleagues since he doesn’t really have friends other than Wilson). I also especially love Hugh Laurie, who is a hilarious, self-deprecating Englishman in real life.

7. Ken Davis, Jr. or “Junior” – I mentioned Wildfire on my top 10 females list with good reason – the characters on this show are great. I have a secret crush on Ryan Sypek thanks to his role in this show as Kris’ off-and-on love interest. He starts off as a rich, cocky kid and grows into a truly passionate individual, and we all know how I can’t resist passionate folks.

6. Jeff Murdoch – Again, let me reiterate how much I enjoy Coupling. Why do I enjoy it so much? Because of Jeff, plain and simple. He’s the crazy guy who came up with the giggle loop and the sock gap (again, just watch the damn show!). He’s the one who gets completely tongue-tied around women and says very weird things as a result (he insinuates that he collects womens’ ears in a bucket, as an example). I haven’t watched the final season because Richard Coyle (Jeff) left the show after the third. Someday, maybe.

5. Detective Kevin Ryan – Actually, I love the duo of Ryan and Esposito, the goofy yet hardworking partners on Castle. Seamus Dever juuuust ekes out, though, for his consistent sardonic wit and bashful love of Jenny and warm honey milk. Not to mention, Seamus Dever and Stana Katic (Kate Beckett) did a really cool project about reducing greenhouse gases.

4. Chuck Bartowski – Truthfully, I haven’t seen Chuck in a while, either. I miss one episode and I feel like I shouldn’t continue watching until I can catch up! Chuck is absolutely adorable, though. He’s devoted, intelligent, and still a goof. I do love me some funny men. Speaking of goofballs…

3. Chandler Bing – Who could fail to love Chandler? His character on Friends will always be my favorite, over all of the ladies. He is the epitome of sarcasm, self-deprecation, and awkwardness, yet somehow it’s endearing instead of off-putting. I simple adore him – always have, always will.

2. Dexter Morgan – Dexter is such an interesting character to me. He’s a killer who says he feels nothing, but he clearly loves his sister and his wife. His entire life, from his upbringing to his mentality to his secrets, is so complex. I was a little disappointed with the end of the second season of Dexter, but I liked the third season and I loved the fourth! I wish I could see the 5th season in action. But my favorite is still…

1. Nathan Fillion – I bet when you read the Castle description, you were shocked that I didn’t put Richard Castle on the list. Well, Nathan Fillion cannot be contained to just one show – his characters are just too awesome! Whether you’re watching him as Mal on Firefly, Caleb on Buffy, or Castle on…well, Castle, he’s just an incredible actor. Must be the Canadian.

Who are your favorite male TV show characters?