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I’m not big on Valentine’s Day. Perhaps it’s all the years that I spent single on February 14th – I hate that there’s not a celebration of being comfortable with being on your own. We have this negative idea about what it means to be single and it’s completely false. I haven’t actually had that many partners in my dating lifetime, although I’ve dated a lot – I refused to settle for someone when I didn’t feel like it would go anywhere or I felt like they didn’t truly get me. I learned more about myself during those periods of being on my own than I probably could have if I had settled. Just as importantly, I learned what I truly wanted in a partner and what wouldn’t work.

When in a relationship, however, I still don’t really care about Valentine’s Day. I don’t think there should be just one or two days a year when you have to “be romantic” and you get a pass for the rest of the year – I want romance and passion year round. I also don’t think that spending a ton of money on things that don’t matter (i.e., valentines, candy, flowers) isn’t nearly as special as a gift with thought behind it. I want moments/hours/days/etc. that are meaningful to me, not a “romantic” day that’s forced on me.

Luckily, both my boyfriend and I don’t put stock into Valentine’s Day. We did want to do something for each other, though, so we’re having a hey-we-haven’t-seen-each-other-for-four-weeks-and-i-love-you celebration instead. 🙂

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What are you doing to celebrate your singleness or your relationship?