I figured I might as well round off my favorites by listing my top 10 favorite TV shows. These aren’t necessarily in order, but I did my best seeing as I love them all!

10. Coupling – As I mentioned in earlier TV Tuesday posts, Coupling is a great British comedy that combines friendship and sex. It has a similar set up to Friends in that there are three men, three women, and lots of intermingling. Some of the concepts that come up in that show make a lot of sense, too. If you haven’t seen it, you should – I’ll lend it to you.

9. Criminal Minds – This is probably my favorite typical crime show, mainly because I love the psychological aspects of it. I enjoy CSI and NCIS and all that, which have their niches but are all very similar at heart, but I really love the idea of criminal profiling. In fact, I’ve looked up that career. No, it’s not real. *tear*

8. Firefly – I don’t like sci-fi and I sure don’t like westerns. So you may be asking yourself – how is it possible that I like Firefly then? It’s not your standard sci-fi or western show. Somehow combining the two concepts just…works (probably much like mayonnaise and tuna fish when you add pickles). Besides, the characters in the show are just unique enough to be enjoyed, yet realistic enough to be…well, real.

7. Friends – What 90s kid doesn’t love Friends (If you don’t, don’t answer that)? The show epitomizes friendship and relationship struggles, the idea of finding your independence, and decent humor. Everyone finds qualities within one or more character that they associate themselves with. I own every season and still enjoy it to this day.

6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer – I will admit, it took me a very long time to finally give this show a chance, and I knew that I needed that much time in order to like it. I was a huge fan of the movie Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I refused to watch the show because I originally didn’t feel like Sarah Michelle Gellar fit the role. Man, was I wrong. This is just another classic of Joss Whedon and I am about to start collecting the series in the near future. Thankfully, my boyfriend and I have similar tastes in a lot of TV.

5. Dexter – I love the whole premise of this show. The idea of a serial killer who only kills bad guys – and the interpersonal struggles that come up as a result – is fascinating to me. On top of that, Michael C. Hall does an AMAZING job at Dexter Morgan. It’s going to be a very interesting transition for me to begin watching him in Six Feet Under, where he plays a gay mortician. Speaking of which, stay tuned for shows that I want to watch – Six Feet Under is on there!

4. Leverage – I haven’t yet convinced my lovely friend and fellow blogger, Kate, to watch this yet, but I know she’s going to enjoy it. The show revolves around a group of thieves – the Mastermind, Grifter, Hacker, Thief, and Hitter – who begin working together as a team to con people who have ruined the lives of innocents. A little Robin Hood-like, but very clever plots and highly enjoyable characters.

3. Glee – I go on and off with Glee. I loved the first season – it was the only show that I had to watch live – but I haven’t been as into the second season. I love the characters some of the time and they irritate me the next. Regardless, I love this show and I really enjoy a lot of the mainstream issues that they bring up in their plot (i.e., bullying and LGBTQ issues). Not to mention, Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester…need I say more? Overall, I find it to be a highly entertaining show.

And tied for first…

1. Sex and the City – This list was near impossible to rank and I honestly couldn’t rank these two as I love them both for very different reasons. Sex and the City also took me a while to watch, but I loved it immediately when I finally started watching it. I really connect with Carrie in a lot of ways and love the dynamics between the ladies. Yes, the show is about relationships, but I really feel like the root is the relationships you have with everyone – including your friends and yourself.

1. Castle – I love Castle for different reasons, many of which have to do with Nathan Fillion as Castle. I also adore Stana Katic as Beckett; Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas as Ryan and Esposito; and Molly Quinn as Castle’s daughter, Alexis. The show has a terrific cast that clearly works well together. Beyond that, the writers try to keep the cases unique and entertaining, so you can never be sure what the next episode is going to bring. Now when are Castle and Beckett going to get together already??

Note: It took me over an hour to find clips that really illustrated why I like the show – and I failed to find them! This was the best I could do.

Honorable mentions: Chuck, Angel, Wildfire

What are your favorite TV shows?