You may recall that I talked about the Happiness Project in a previous post – today’s newsletter asked the questions, “Whom do I envy? Why?” That question brings up a lot of thoughts for me. Let’s face it, we all envy something about someone. I’m not ashamed to admit that I envy a lot about other people. I want to be skinny, have money, be able to travel around the world, work in a job where it’s more like play than work, have a perfect relationship, see my boyfriend whenever I want, live where I want, own hundreds of pairs of shoes.

Photo: DramyJohnson

I could probably go on for much longer, but the point isn’t what you envy, the point is why do you envy people for these things? Generally, people want what they don’t have or haven’t had – for example, I’ve never been near affluent, so I see the ease of having money and it makes me wish I had that ease. In some cases, such as with body image, it relates back to self-esteem – if we had more self-confidence, it wouldn’t matter as much what we look like. Sometimes all we need to break ourselves out of the pity party is realizing that no one has the perfect situation. What may look like an ideal relationship may be falling apart at the seams, or perhaps a couple does have the perfect relationship but is struggling financially. No one’s life is perfect and everyone’s life has positives.
The goal in asking these questions is that you pinpoint things that make you unhappy and work to avoid them, while trying to better appreciate the good in your life. The next time I start feeling sorry for myself and jealous of what someone else has, I promise that I’ll try to think about the good in my own life.

Whom do you envy and why?