Once again, I’m stealing a theme day from my brilliant friend and fellow blogger, Kate, who consistently blogs about amazing food and terrific blogs that share our love of amazing food in her Food Friday posts. I admittedly don’t have as much time, money, or ingredients on hand as I would like to fully embrace experimental cooking, but in the past year, I’ve been really interested in trying out new recipes and expanding my cooking repertoire. Thankfully my boyfriend likes trying out new recipes with me (especially baking), so I have a cooking comrade (when he’s here). Maybe he’s right – maybe I am a foodie. I will always attach the recipe, so look for that if you want to try out the recipe!

My first post is admittedly simple and requires no cooking, but I want to share it because it’s a fantastic snack option. I recently had a dietary consultation and the number one thing that I learned as a result is that I’ve been getting hungry so often because I’m not pairing my proteins and carbs correctly when snacking. One snack that the doctor suggested is homemade trail mix.

Photo: FindRecipes

I did just that. I bought raw almonds (no salt, no roasting) and unsalted peanuts for proteins, Toasted O’s and Triple Fruit Treat (dried cranberries, blueberries, and mango pieces) for carbs – all from Trader Joe’s who has some of the best prices around for snacks. Once I got home, I just mixed together a batch for the week and put them in small tupperware containers – in the morning, I just grab one and go. I spent maybe $15 to have snacks for at least a month. My only qualm is that I get tired of foods really easily, so I’m already starting to wane on the nuts. Overall score: A-

What are your favorite snacks?