I recently wrote a post about envy and I wanted to elaborate on that for this week’s Truth Thursday post. This are in no particular order, but things that I envy about others quite often.

1. Skinny people – I know that I’m overweight. It’s hard to admit, even on here where I usually bare my soul rather easily. I know that I should appreciate my body, and I do like certain areas like my hips and my eyes. But when I’m trying to shop for clothes or getting ready to go to the beach – hell, even when I’m meeting new people – I’m always self-conscious about my weight. My goal is to lose enough weight to feel comfortable wearing a bikini top and board shorts.

2. People with money – I’ve always been low on cash. I’ve worked hard to save the money that I have been able to save, and I only save now because I operate under an incredibly tight budget. I make a low amount of money each year. Sometimes I find myself becoming bitter about people who do have the means to buy beautiful things or go on vacations. But I realize that my time is coming and I won’t be in this situation forever.

3. People who can fall asleep instantly – I’ve been an insomniac for almost ten years. I follow very specific rules in order to help myself fall asleep every night – for instance, I don’t drink caffeine after noon and I never take naps. Those who have never had to deal with insomnia will never know how lucky they are.

4. Stardom – This is a silly one, but truthfully, I often feel invisible, so I wonder what it would be like to be incredibly visible. I know it would probably suck and I would hate to have everyone in my business, but it’s interesting to think about.

5. Mazda 3 owners – Here’s looking at you, Kate! 😀 I love this car. Love. Someday…

What do you envy? What makes up for those things?