To start the makeover madness, I’d like to focus on changing my haircut. I really like the cut I currently sport – especially the side swept bangs and the ability to put it up – but I’m a little sick of it and want to try something new. The question is…what? Hopefully you can help!

Here’s my current look:

Key specs:

  • I have a round face shape and very straight hair (loses curl pretty quickly)
  • I have thin hair, but at least twice as much as most people (I’m not kidding – I can’t use barrettes easily and my hair is really heavy)
  • I look best with layers
  • I’m open to changing the color, but probably won’t until summer

I really like the following cuts – think any would look good on me? Any alternate suggestions?

*Note: Due to ownership preference, photo #1 has been removed. My apologies to the owner!

Photo: HairstyleChat

Photo: NewsHairstyles

Photo: HairstylesBob

Photo: Hairstyles4Me

What haircut should I do next?