Everyone has them – those little guilty pleasures in life. Why do we feel guilty about them? Those “guilty” pleasures keep us going! Here are a few of mine:

Ooh, cheesy pizza is the best!

1. Pizza – My boyfriend loves to mock me about my constant cravings for pizza. In fact, when I’m not in the mood for pizza, he feigns worry and wonders what happened to his girlfriend. This may be because of a spelling snafu – a few months ago, we were looking to buy a good set of Dominoes to have at home. My boyfriend sent me the following text randomly (we were NOT talking about the game in this conversation), “I found a coupon we could use for dominos”. Bear in mind that he goes to school two hours away from where I live, so my response was, “Pizza?? Okay. When?” His response: “OH MY GOD. You’re an addict!” I am a bit of an addict, as well as a snob, about my pizza. Extra cheese, light on sauce, lots of garlic…hmmm. My boyfriend and I may have to make a pizza this week (I can make my own thanks to years of making them in college).

The heart shape sums it up perfectly.

2. Doughnuts – Along a similar – but thankfully lesser – line, I also have a strong weakness for doughnuts. There’s just something about the sweet, textured bliss of doughnuts that gets me going. It’s probably part of the reason I weigh as much as I do. I don’t let myself have them very often, but when they’re around in mass, I can’t help grabbing a lot more than I should. I’ve thought about running a bakery, but I can’t bring myself to because I know I wouldn’t be able to control myself. Damn you, doughnuts.


3. Shoes – If you know me, you know that I’m a shoe addict. My boyfriend swore never to purchase shoes for me, but then he saw that I wear them into the ground (literally – some have gaping holes) and he caved to buy me a replacement pair of black ballet flats (which I wear all of the time). I have a particular penchant for heels. I trained my feet years ago and now feel fairly comfortable in heels if they support my arches. If they don’t…well, they’re pretty. 🙂

Don't judge.

4. Chick lit – I don’t enjoy chick lit nearly as much as I used to, but I still enjoy a good read now and again. There’s just something about the way a chick lit novel draws me in and keeps me reading. I read fairly quickly, so I finish those books pretty quickly as well, but it’s always worth the read. Some of my favorite chick lit authors are Lauren Weisberger and Sophie Kinsella/Madeleine Wickham.

This picture speaks for itself.

5. Spending money – I’m much better than I used to be about spending money, probably because I have so little to spend. I maintain a very strict budget with 13 categories to help me control spending. But I love buying things. Perhaps it’s the fact that I have to really work to buy new things. Perhaps it’s because I feel like I own a lot of older things and really want to update. I also love being able to go out to dinner with friends and have memorable experiences. My current goal is to increase my income – so I can save – but also so I can have a little more freedom with expenditures.

Note: All photos were taken from WeHeartIt.com except Chick Lit, which was from Irish Nomad in Norway.

What are your guilty pleasures?