I don’t generally watch awards shows, but this year’s Emmys and Oscars made me think about what I would choose as the top show in each genre. For some categories, this is particularly difficult, so I’ve decided to have a runner-up for this week as well. The genres are Reality TV, Musical, Medical, Romance, Supernatural/Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Crime, Action, Drama, and Comedy. Any guesses?

10. Reality show: Hell’s Kitchen – I tend to enjoy cooking reality shows and Hell’s Kitchen brings the heat (I couldn’t resist). I love Chef Ramsey and I really love the competitions they have. I have to admit, though – it’s kind of gross (albeit accurate) how many of the contestants smoke.
Runner-up: Cupcake Wars

9. Musical: Glee – Of course it’s Glee. I’m not sure I can even think of a runner-up for this one, to be honest. I actually didn’t care to watch this show at first because I don’t really like musicals (despite being a theatre major), but I was hooked instantly once I gave it a shot. The second season isn’t as good, but it’s still quality.
Runner-up: nada

8. Medical: House – Again, did you really have any doubts here? At one point, House was one of my favorite TV shows and I still highly enjoy it when I see it. Beyond that, I adore Hugh Laurie. I need to catch up on that show, actually.
Runner-up: Grey’s Anatomy

7. Romance: Sex and the City – Once again, I don’t have a runner-up for this category because I don’t really think that any other show compares in this category. SATC showed that women can feel free to be who they are and do what they want. It showed the intricacies of female friendship and the wonders and pitfalls of romantic relationships. Yes, there were some unrealistic parts and a few places where I wish they were less stereotypical, but overall, I love my SATC.
Runner-up: nada.

6. Supernatural/Fantasy: Buffy the Vampire SlayerI’m still not finished with the series – I have to watch the final season – but no one can deny that this spot is reserved for Buffy. The show became a cult classic. Everyone knows it to this day. There’s (rightful) outrage about the making of another movie that doesn’t involve Joss Whedon or Sarah Michelle Gellar. It’s definitely tops.
Runner-up: Angel

5. Sci-Fi: Firefly – Bet you thought for a second, “Wait, Firefly isn’t top of the fantasy genre?” Well, no, because it’s top of sci-fi instead! I’m not traditionally a fan of sci-fi shows. I don’t watch Star Trek and I still haven’t seen Star Wars 4-6…err…1-3…the ones made more recently. I adore this show. Who doesn’t love this show? Between the characters and the underlying storyline, this show was perfect. FOX = fail.
Runner-up: Fringe

4. Crime: Castle – You all know I love Castle. I love Nathan Fillion, so it’s no surprise that I would love Castle, but I love this show for much more than him. I adore Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas’ bantering, I adore Stana Katic as Kate Beckett, and I love that the plot lines are always unique. This is a tough category as there are many great crime shows out there, but Castle always gets #1 for me.
Runner-up: Criminal Minds

3. Action: Leverage – Again, there are many great shows in this genre, so it’s tough to choose. When you combine the intricate plot twists with action, however, there’s no contest. Leverage always has the best tricks on TV. I’m unnaturally good at figuring out plot lines (sadly), but I often don’t see the twists coming in this one. A show that keeps me on my feet is always golden in my book.
Runner-up: Chuck

2. Drama: Dexter – Intense. Dark. Twisted. Drama winner! I’ve been intrigued by Dexter since I saw the first episode of season one. In the increasingly desperate world of Hollywood, where new ideas are rarer than fat on a model, Dexter is highly original to me. Beyond that, it’s actually good. Really good. I cannot wait to see the fifth season (damn you, Showtime, for making me wait!).
Runner-up: Six Feet Under

1. Comedy: Friends – I honestly tried to think of another show that could beat Friends. My colleague and I debated the merits of many solid comedies, including 3rd Rock from the Sun and Cheers (although I’m not as big a fan of Cheers). Nothing I came up with could hold a candle to Friends, though – it’s a legacy.
Runner-up: How I Met Your Mother

What would be your top shows in each genre?