I don’t drink and I think St. Patrick’s Day is a shameless excuse for people to get wasted (much like how I think Valentine’s Day is a shameless excuse for people to be “romantic” once a year), but I’m very Irish and you bet your booty that I’m going to celebrate it in my own way! Yes, I’m wearing my green. I’m also going out tonight with my speech colleagues after our Wordplay performance. On the blog, however, I’m also celebrating by posting some lovely pictures of greenery. Enjoy!

*Note: All pictures are from WeHeartIt.com.

Such perfect shamrocks.

No, I was not cool enough to take this picture.

I love the LOVE.

That's one way to celebrate.

That's a LOT of green.

I love the sepia background against the green color pop.

Reminds me of Ireland.

That it does!

What are you doing for St. Patrick’s Day?