I admit, I’ve posted a very girly topic this week. My lovely friend, Kate, keeps showing me shoes that she wants to buy – including posting a blog about her love of oxfords – so they’re on my mind. That’s a dangerous thing for a shoe addict! Also, I find it difficult to find clothes that look great on me, but I can always find shoes that do. But I have almost 25 pairs of shoes (including flip flops), so it’s better to take it out on the blog instead of the pocketbook. 🙂

Jessica Simpson - Jessica

1. I want a pair of nude shoes – I’ve never been a fan of nude/beige shoes, but I recently saw an outfit that consisted of a dark blue dress shirt and a pair of nude heels and I fell in love. I started imagining various outfits that I could wear nude heels with and it now seems inevitable that I will eventually get a pair.

2. I hate wedges and Crocs – I’m a little pickier about shoes and there are certainly other types of shoes that I dislike. But there’s just something about wedges that rub me the wrong way. It’s like they’re fake heels. I just don’t think they make attractive shoes. I did, however, find a pair that actually works and yes, I do own that pair. This courtesy does not extend to Crocs. I especially hate Crocs. They are the ugliest shoe imaginable. I hesitate to even call Crocs shoes – they are a disgrace to the name.

3. The only pair of sneakers I like wearing are my beat-to-hell Skechers – I got this pair well over five years ago. In fact, I thought I had thrown them away at one point, and when I found them over a year later, I was ecstatic. They have holes in the soles and constantly let water leak in, but they’re so cute and comfortable. I don’t really like sneakers, otherwise. Wearing sneakers requires wearing socks, and that’s just not something I like to do.

4. I adore high heels – I had to train my feet long ago to withstand heels and I still don’t do well for long periods of time in heels. But oh, do I love my heels. Open-toed, closed-toed, rounded-toe, pointed-toe, doesn’t matter. I especially love colorful heels, although I don’t wear them often, or black going-out shoes. I like kitten heels, which are easier on the feet, but I really love the look of higher heels. When I see women who can’t walk in heels, I feel slightly proud of the fact that I look damn good in heels.

Christian Louboutin - Butterfly

5. I will own a pair of designer shoes someday – Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin…one day I shall own a pair of these shoes! They’re legends in the shoe world and anybody who knows shoes know their names. Hell, anybody who doesn’t know shoes but has watched Sex and the City knows their names. These designers are known for breaking the mold and creating daring styles. I am just another in a long list of women who have yearned for designer shoes (and don’t know why).

What is your favorite pair of shoes? What do you hate in regards to shoes?