Yes, I have created yet another theme. I find it calming to look at beautiful pictures, so randomly, I’m going to post lovely photos on here. Feel free to comment or share your own!

This week, in honor of daylight savings time giving me sun later at night, I’m showing sunsets. I love sunsets for a few reasons. One, they’re absolutely gorgeous with the pinks and oranges streaking through the air. Two, I love the sunset time of day. Three, I can’t imagine much better than sitting on the ocean watching the sun set. Enjoy!

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So unbelievably pretty.

I love this - it's so interesting!

Can I be that surfer?

I love the sun streaks in the sky. So gorgeous.

I love palm trees. I love sunsets. Win.

What an ideal end to the day.

I love the way the colors are really brought out in the clouds.

I want to be here right now. Perfection.

What’s your favorite time of day?