We always hear about star actors or actresses, but we rarely hear about the duos that offer comedic moments that make our day. I think it’s high time to honor a few duos on TV:

10. Cliff and Norm – I don’t watch Cheers myself, but I can’t deny that Cliff and Norm make a great team. When you have a group of random people, inevitably two will pair off and become the crazy, yet awesome people you just love. Or at least that’s my experience, and come on – since when does TV lie?

9. Pinky and the Brain – Although it’s not my favorite cartoon, Pinky and the Brain is a staple of modern cartoons. People of all ages know and love the show, and why not? The Brain is constantly scheming (and failing) and Pinky is just constantly failing. The contradictions – and similarities – between the two make this show what it is. And that is greatness.

8. Jayne and Vera – For those of you Firefly fans who may have forgotten who Vera is, Vera is Jayne’s gun. Yes, I made this a comedy duo. Jayne’s affection for Vera is insurmountable and hilarious – almost as much as his orange hat.

"A man walks down the street in that hat, people know he's not afraid of anything."

Hmmm…maybe it should have been Jayne and his hat. Moving on.

7. Shawn and Gus – I didn’t get super into Psych, but the main thing I liked about the show was the relationship between Shawn and Gus. They’re polar opposites and yet they have similar, binding qualities. Shawn is always able to convince Gus to do crazy things that can’t possibly work out, and yet it always does in the end. Their odd connection is always enjoyable to watch.

6. The Mooninites – All the Aqua Teen Hunger Force fans out there will agree with me on this one. I will admit, the series went downhill after the third season, but the Mooninites make a great addition to the show. Their goal – show how much the moon rocks (no pun intended) while causing as much mayhem as possible. Honorable mention also goes to Oglethorpe and Emory.

5. Eliot and Hardison Leverage may be an action show, but it has comedic moments, especially when it comes to Eliot and Hardison’s relationship. I mean, what do you think of when you combine a major computer and technology geek (hacker) with a gruff hitter? Oh, and both have great punch lines. You get Eliot and Hardison. And it’s fantastic.

See? These two totally...hmmm.

4. Jeffster – They’re annoying and fabulous at the same time. Lester and Jeff of Chuck are the awkward, pathetic losers who have random appearances in the show because they work at the same facility as Chuck and the gang, but they offer some of the most comedic elements of the show – and this is a funny show. Just don’t listen when they start singing.

3. Ryan and Esposito – Nathan Fillion as Castle may be half of the reason that I watch Castle on a regular basis, but Ryan and Esposito’s characters are the other half. Well, then there’s Beckett and the plot lines, but you get my drift. These two work so perfectly together, bouncing off one another with comedic lines and touching moments that you can’t help but love them. They seem like that in real life, too. I seriously need to get on this set.

2. Jack and Karen – Of course Jack and Karen are on here – they were the reason to watch Will & Grace (no offense, Eric McCormack and Debra Messing)! Karen’s nastiness combined perfectly with Jack’s flamboyant nature to create a pair that you consistently wanted to watch. What else could happen when you combine two friends that annoy you? Somehow it all works out.

1. Chandler and Joey – As if any other pair could really be first on this list. Chandler and Joey are the epitome of sitcom duos. They banter, they have fights, and they remain best of friends even after they’re no longer roommates. No matter how many times we watch Friends, we still are touched by their goofy and honest friendship. Adore!!

Ah, the pondering that can done in a canoe...in an apartment in NYC.

Embedding was disabled by request (grrrr!) but here’s the link to see the clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIWPL4oMIho&playnext=1&list=PLBB1DEE9D3280C5CB

Who is your favorite duo on TV?