I decided to do a little “closet shopping” last weekend – I went through every piece of clothing in my closet. If I hadn’t worn them in over a year – with the exception of my dresses – I scrapped them. If I couldn’t find anything to match them with, I scrapped them. If they didn’t fit, I scrapped them. I tried to be ruthless. I got rid of less than I probably should have, but I did get rid of a few things that I really wanted to keep and just couldn’t let myself.

Like this suit that I adore. It doesn't fit. Sad panda.

I also have a couple of pieces that I’m not sure if I should keep or toss, so I’m hoping that you lovely readers will be able to give me some insight.

I love this skirt, but I never wear it. I feel like I can't wear anything on top but black. Thoughts?

Relatively new VS shirt - I'm just not sure about where it sits on my chest.

I did manage to create a few new outfits, especially with a jacket I got for under $10 – very excited!

I adore these shoes. Must wear more often.

Same outfit, but with shorts and hot pink patent heels!

I really must wear my heels more often. I constructed a couple of other outfits – which helped me find new ways to wear a couple of skirts I had forgotten about – but I’m saving them for fresh outfit posts. 🙂 Overall, here’s the pile of stuff that I managed to give up.

Not the shoes.

I see a garage sale in the near future.

Have you ever tried closet shopping? What was your experience?