Everyone has their own little things that they’re OCD about. People who are “type A” tend to have a few more than most. Here are a few of my OCDs with my “common sense” reasons:

1. All DVDs and CDs have to be facing up – This is something I’ve done for years. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a disc sleeve or the case it came with – they face up. I can tell if I put the disc back in its case simply by looking to see if it’s facing up. My reasoning? It’s easy to immediately see what disc you’re looking at. I also have all of my DVDs in order of genre, and yes, I put a movie back if it’s not in its proper place.

Ahhh, yes. Order.

2. Dishes should be in their rightful place – I love my roommates, but I find dishes in random spots around our kitchen, or worse, right next to where they should go, and it drives me nuts. I’ll admit, this is an OCD of mine and I feel a little bad for my roommates for having to deal with me for it. But to me, it’s like why wouldn’t you put it back where it should go so it’s always there when you need it (unless it’s dirty, and then you know it’s dirty)? I’ve considered making myself the only person to put dishes away (seriously) but I always realize that I’m freaking out about nothing before I do.

Dear God, why??

3. Books I own have to be in the same format – I was talking with Kate about this and thankfully, someone else out there agrees. If I’m going to own a series, they are all going to be in the same format (hardcover, trade paperback, or mass market paperback). For example, I have waited for over a year to buy the final book in the Millenium trilogy because I have the first two books in trade paperback and therefore, the last book needs to be in trade paperback. I prefer reading trade paperback, but I prefer buying the series I’m devoted to in hardcover. Here is an example of my extreme feelings about this: I decided to buy the Twilight series. I got the second book in trade paperback, then was given the third book in hardcover. I eventually got the first and fourth in hardcover, so I had a complete series, right? Wrong. I sold the second trade paperback version and bought a hardcover version. I admit, there is no common sense reason for this – it’s just weird.

Hardcover rocks.

4. Everything in my closet has a specific order – In case you haven’t given up on me yet, here’s another weird OCD habit of mine. My closet is highly organized by style and color. My dresses and suit jackets are in one area, my casual shirts are next to my dress shirts, and my jeans and work pants are in the same area. Beyond that, my clothes are arranged according to color within these regions. My boyfriend thinks it’s ludicrous, I think it’s incredibly efficient. I always know where every item of clothing is.


This is just half of my closet. Best part of this house.

5. I recycle everything – I’m a crazy recycler. I recycle everything I can and a little of what I can’t. It honestly really irritates me when people don’t bother recycling when they easily could. It actually makes me angry. It takes so little work to recycle. If I have a can of soda out somewhere and there’s not a recycling bin around, you bet your buttered biscuit that I will bring it home to recycle it. I will pick something out of the trash (if it’s on top and not gross) to recycle it. This stems more from overall guilt of killing the environment than anything. It feels good to know that I’m doing my part to help conserve resources. I’m an extreme case, but it takes so little to recycle.

I blame my extreme recycling on my roommate in New York.

What are your obsessive tendencies?

*Note in reply to comments: I know I don’t have OCD or even really OCD tendencies. I just really like being organized. 🙂