Okay, I’m not really going on a grocery store strike. But I kind of am. I spend a huge portion of my limited funds at the grocery store each month, and when I thoroughly perused my kitchen last week, I realized I had stocked up on a LOT of food. Like, 3 lbs. of pasta. I’m not going to completely ban the grocery store in case I need essentials like bread or milk, but I’m calling a pseudo-strike until I can clean myself out a bit. I’m giving myself a $50 budget for the month. It’s usually $150-200, depending on the month. We’ll see how this goes. Therefore, my Foodie Friday posts may be a bit bland in the next few weeks, but I shall do my best to keep them palatable (oh yes, pun intended).

At least my pantry's not this bad.

I should share that as I was writing up this post, I mentioned to the lovely Kate that I was planning on “going on a grocery store strike and eating up my cabinets.” Her response? “That is awesome. Though cabinets aren’t exactly tasty.” Indeed, they are not. 🙂