This isn’t actually a call for help. I’m a Mary Kay consultant (technically – I buy once a year) and putting on makeup is what I am good at regarding my appearance. I’m planning on putting an order in, though (comment if you want to order and I’ll get in touch with you!), and I wanted to highlight a few bold, new choices I’m making.

1. Foundation – I always get the Medium Liquid Foundation in Ivory 104. I’m tried using the Mineral Powder Foundation, but I’ve found it doesn’t cover my rosiness very well and so I only use it after the shower or right after putting lotion on (my mom loves it, though, so don’t rely on only my experience). I prefer the liquid foundation because it provides better coverage for my skin tone. I apply with a foundation brush that I picked up for a few bucks at Target and clean with a Sephora spray once every few months because I’m lazy. I’ve had it for over a year and that method still works perfectly for me. My only qualm? My face is naturally very rosy and the foundation doesn’t do much to cover that up after an hour.

2. Eyes – Here’s where the fun starts for me. I have pretty eyes, so I love making them stand out. I’ve found a few color palettes that blend perfectly together – thank you, Mary Kay! Generally, I stick with browns and pinks, but I want to start experimenting with bolder color choices since I’m trying to bring more color into my look. Because of this, I’m thinking about adding the following eyeshadows to my collection: peacock clue, emerald, and silver satin. I’m also considering adding some cream eye colors to my makeup drawer. Right now I use a cheap black eye pencil, and it works just fine, although I may add more colors to the mix there as well with the MK Weekender collection or other pencils. I ALWAYS use mascara – it’s what really makes my eyes pop. I’ve tried a lot of different brands, but I still prefer Victoria’s Secret High-Definition Mascara over all others.

3. Lips – I always use Burt’s Bees chapstick (no petrolatum), but I usually also use a lipstick or a gloss as well. The problem is that my color also seems to wear off quickly, probably because I drink a lot of liquids and don’t reapply. I always go lighter pink colors because that’s what I know looks good with my skin tone, but I think this time I’m going to try going for a bolder lip color. In the upcoming order, I plan to get Berry Sparkle lip gloss, possibly Raspberry Ice liquid lip color, and a darker lipstick such as Apple Berry. Hopefully it looks good!

4. Cheeks – Again, since I have rosy skin, I tend to stick to lighter blushes. This isn’t something I plan to stray from – if anything, I’d pick up a peachy tone. The one thing I’ve learned about blushes is I’ve gone too light because I’ve been afraid of looking like a clown, but blushes rarely look as dark or bold as they look in the compact.

Do you have any makeup questions? What are your favorite makeup looks?