I apologize that I haven’t posted any outfit posts in a while. Sadly, I wore some fantastic outfits this week that I loved, but I didn’t have a camera over the weekend in Winona and yesterday I was at speech sections until super late. I managed to get a photo shoot in today, however, before I went out for the night.

Work wasn’t bad today. I honestly spent most of the day raging over the looming federal shutdown (I won’t get into it on here – they’re on my Twitter feed) and writing random blog posts (4 in one day. I realize it’s a bit much.). After work, though, I met up with one of my best friends and had a FANTASTIC night! I found out that I got $100 off on my VS secret rewards card, so I scored a new bra and perfume. Then I checked out Gordman’s for the first time, where I picked up a gorgeous new purse (which I NEVER do), a headband, and a kitty toy. Overall, I spent $40 for everything! Then we went to dinner and had some good chats about serious stuff. Tonight = major win. Anyway, onto the outfit!

Note: Neither of these photos show the true color of the kelly green, so I apologize.


The color is much less bold than the kelly green actually is.

Blue cardigan, Target?
Kelly green Bitten shirt, thrifted – similar
Jeans, thrifted
Green polka dot heels, Payless
Sultry necklace, Lia Sophia

This also doesn't show the true kelly color.

This was my final hurrah with these shoes - I'm donating them.

Random picture of kitty!