I’ll admit, I can be a bit of a control freak, but I’m not the only one (as can be seen by the comment wave on my Freshly Pressed OCD post). Besides, these TV characters have way more control issues than I do – and believe me, they were hard to rank in order:

10. Angela Martin – To be honest, I don’t watch The Office. It’s just not my cup of tea. It probably has to do with the fact that the first episode I watched was mocking sexual harassment in the workplace – definitely not the way to win me over. Despite that, my boyfriend does watch this show and when I asked him to name a control freak on TV, he immediately listed Angela. After I looked her up, I immediately agreed. Cold, judgmental, and uptight? Yep, that fits the bill here.

9. Adelle DeWitt – You may not be familiar with Dollhouse – after all, it was another short-lived Joss show (FOX, what is your deal?), but it was certainly interesting. Adelle DeWitt controls an entire underground organization, so it makes sense that she’s a control freak – their operations aren’t exactly legal. When she realizes that an FBI agent is getting close to breaking open their operation, she creates a web to entangle and confuse him. She’s definitely devious and definitely controlling.

8. Monica Geller-Bing – We’ve all had Monica tendencies (at least I have). She’s the control freak on Friends. She’s an impeccable cleaner. She knows immediately when something’s been moved. In fact, there’s an entire episode dedicated to Monica’s inability to let things sit around – the others taunt her by talking about not paying her bills immediately, letting condensation hit the coffee table, and leaving her shoes casually strewn about instead of putting them away. Sadly, when I was reading about her control issues, I found myself having many of the same issues…

"Just go get the shoes...but then everyone will know."

7. Dr. Walter Bishop – My boyfriend also recommended Dr. Bishop when I asked about control freaks. Again, I haven’t seen much of Fringe, but I’ve seen enough to know that Dr. Bishop likes his lab set up in a very particular way. He’s known for lashing out at lab techs for moving things. Then again, he’s also known for being crazy (and a genius) in many, many ways. I suppose geniusness and craziness do often go hand in hand, don’t they?

6. Dr. Temperance Brennan – I haven’t seen much of Bones yet, but Dr. Brennan is very controlling about her space. Much like Dr. Bishop, she likes her lab and work space set up particularly so that she doesn’t have to worry about wasting time fixing things when she works. I’ve heard Brennan eventually gets better in dealing with people (largely due to working with Booth), but in the first season, she definitely can be a little difficult to work with – although she’s a genius and her team highly admires/respects her.

Here’s where it gets particularly difficult to rank.

5. Dexter – Dexter is another one of those characters who has to be a control freak. Think about it – what happens if Dexter is the slightest bit careless? He gets caught and goes to prison for life, or more probable, gets the death sentence (they are in Florida). Dexter would be over without its central character. In order to make the show believable, he has to be an insane control freak about his “activities,” including when he chooses to kill someone, where the kill site is, and how much time he has available to clean up.

“Blood. Sometimes it sets my teeth on edge, other times it helps me control the chaos.”

4. Chef Ramsey – If you’ve never seen Hell’s Kitchen, then you may not understand why Chef Ramsey is so high on this list. Half of the show is about cooking and competition, but the other half is about Chef Ramsey’s interaction with the competing chefs. Ramsey controls his kitchens with an iron fist, calling people out for the slightest mistake or sass. A big reason he does this is to understand if people have what it takes to run a kitchen – can they be a leader? Can they handle pressure? It’s essential that Ramsey remains in control throughout the show.

3. Sue Sylvester – Of course Sue is on this list. Glee wouldn’t be what it is without her – Sue provides at least half of the comedy in that show. Her insane attempts to be the best and control those around her make her a fascinating character to watch. Whether she’s throwing students into lockers because they’re in her way, manipulating the New Directions team by leaking their set list to the competition, or finding a way to become the school principal, Sue always has something up her sleeve to control and manipulate.

"I'll need to see the set list for sectionals after all. I want them on my desk warm from the laminator at 5pm. If it is one minute late, I will go to the animal shelter and get you a kitty cat. I will let you fall in love with that kitty cat. And then on some dark cold night I will steal away into your home and punch you in the face."

2. Henry VIII – It may initially sound strange to have a former English king on this list, but think about The Tudors – now think about Henry VIII – see what I mean? Henry’s philosophy was pretty simple. I don’t like what you do, I’ll either divorce you or decapitate you. Not much room for control freak error here. Speaking of The Tudors, I need to catch up on that show. I know, one of dozens that I say I need to catch up on.

1. Adrian Monk – Let’s face it, Monk wouldn’t be nearly as interesting if Monk weren’t a complete control freak. Nobody is more OCD or controlling of his surroundings on TV than Monk. He has to be a control freak – if he’s around germs, for instance, he stops being able to function. He has 312 phobias – 312! I can’t even imagine having that many things to freak out about. Thankfully, Monk has personal assistants that help him out by providing sanitary wipes, doing his shopping, and driving him around. Monk certainly makes me feel better about my own control freak issues.

I don’t know why Hulu’s embed code NEVER works for me, but here’s a link to the clip: http://www.hulu.com/watch/17677/monk-mr-monk-and-the-computer

Who do you think is the biggest control freak on TV?