I know I promised I would write these makeover posts a while ago, but I honestly wasn’t sure what to write.  Today, however, it’s time to give it a shot. As you may recall, I’m interested in getting feedback and advice on dressing more fashionably. Today, I’d like to get some opinions (or even specific ideas) on how to make my casual outfits more stylish.

Here is the must-know information:

  • I’m a pear shape, so I try to focus attention up.
  • I have quite large hips.
  • I’m generally a size XL or 18.
  • I have a very low budget for adding new items, which is why I’ve been so slow to start on this.

I already know that I need to increase my collection of belts, tights, cardigans, and chunky jewelry. I also need to wear my heels more with casual outfits, which will be easier to do now that the weather is warming up.

Any thoughts on casual outfits that would make me look more fashionable? Any specific items you think I should get?