Do you ever have those restaurants where you order the same meal every time? This week’s Truth Thursday is dedicated to those delicious meals of mine:

1. The Cheesecake Factory: Sheila’s Cashew Chicken Salad – This salad started my love affair with cilantro. I crave this salad on random occasions. It has the perfect combination of smoky citrus-honey-peanut vinaigrette, cilantro, and tortilla strip crispies. I usually hate vinaigrette, but I cannot get enough of the way this mixes with the salad. If they ever take it off the menu, I may have to go into the kitchen and demand to know the recipe. I almost always order Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake as well. Yummmm.

Heaven in a bowl. Minus the dim lighting.

2. Jensen’s Cafe: Eggs Benedict – If you’ve never been to Jensen’s Cafe and you live in Minnesota, you MUST GO. It’s hands-down the best breakfast spot in town. Despite the fact that all of their breakfast food is amazing – especially their maple syrup, which is laced with vanilla or crack or something – I always get their eggs benedict, or Cafe Benedict as they call it, only with sausage instead of Canadian bacon. The initially-weird-sounding-but-crucial-and-amazing difference? They use a pancake instead of an English muffin. Amazing. Oh, man. Now I want to eat there.


3. Perkins: French Toast – Speaking of breakfast, I have another breakfast must-have. Perkins was once upon a time my favorite restaurant, even though it’s basically a slightly higher-class Denny’s. Their breakfast, however, is always delicious (that and their Chicken Crisp Melt) – but I almost always end up getting french toast. Perkins’ French Toast is the reason I fell in love with french toast. My boyfriend and I almost always go to Perkins when I’m visiting him because he knows that if I can have breakfast out, I’m going to want my french toast.

I had these last week. Heavenly.

4. Applebees: Wonton Tacos – I used to avoid Asian food, but my friend ordered these one night and I was curious to see if they were any good. Oh. My. God. Cilantro and Asian slaw heaven. I definitely prefer the chicken option (there’s also a pork option), but both are good. Certainly not a healthy appetizer and I certainly don’t give a damn – they are that good.

Crunch, crunch, love.

5. Kinhdo Restaurant: Chicken with Potatoes – As I mentioned before, I used to avoid Asian food. I have picky tastes and I never liked Asian flavors (sweet with meat? nahhh.), but now I’m starting to love some Asian tastes. I particularly love this dish – it’s chicken and thin-sliced fried potatoes tossed in a peanut sauce. It’s also certainly not healthy, but then again, nothing on this list has been particularly healthy. Besides, what fun is that?

Sorry about the bad picture - its hard to get good lighting in restaurants at night.

What dishes do you HAVE to order when you go out?