My boyfriend currently only has access to a microwave to cook, so for the holidays, my parents bought him this awesome microwave-cooking book called A Man, A Can, and a Microwave. Seriously, this book is awesome. It has recipes for teriyaki beef and broccoli, chicken parmesan, hot mocha dunk, and about 50 other foods you’d never think to cook in a microwave. We made the chicken parmesan and the veggie breakfast burritos, but the recipe we tried that I want to highlight was the chocolate bread pudding.

It was actually fairly simple. We tore white bread into pieces and set that aside. Then we mixed eggs, milk, vanilla extract, cinnamon, and chocolate syrup. Once those were mixed, we poured it over the bread, making sure the bread cubes were completely soaked. Finally, we put it in the microwave until cooked (about 10-12 minutes). The biggest challenge? Successfully dividing the recipe into thirds – we didn’t want to make a huge batch (nor did we have a dish to cook it in), so we split the recipe into thirds and made 1/3 in two dishes. It was a little heavy on the liquid, but it still tasted good. I’m not huge on chocolate, though, so I couldn’t finish mine. Overall score: B

We still want to try the teriyaki beef and broccoli – one of the ingredients is ginger ale!

*Note: I apologize that I can’t link out to the recipe. If you want to know it, I can get a hold of it.

What’s the most intensive thing you’ve cooked in the microwave?