I’ll be honest – I don’t usually like kids all that much. I just don’t have the patience for little ones or melodrama. That being said, there are some kids in shows, or even shows that focus on kids, that are awesome. Here are my top favorite kids on TV (not really in order):

10. Astor and Cody Bennett – Astor and Cody are Rita’s kids from a previous marriage on Dexter. The kids provide an interesting challenge in the show because Dexter has no idea how to be a family man, yet slowly discovers that he, too, can have a family despite being a “monster.” Their interactions show that Dexter does love them, despite the fact that he says he can’t love anybody.

9. The Taylor boys – Who didn’t watch Home Improvement? I was never a huge fan of the Taylor boys, but they certainly made up a certain part of the show that couldn’t be omitted. They were a pretty honest pictorial of a family of young boys – fighting with each other, pushing the boundaries, developing relationships with both their mom and dad – all of it rang true to me. Of course, I was a youngin’ myself when I watched this show, so maybe I’m wrong.

8. Clarissa Darling – The entire cast of Clarissa Explains It All is really on this list, but Clarissa is the one who really deserves the spotlight here. The show was completely based on her experience being a teenage girl with her pest of a younger brother, issues with boys, and time at school. It was one of the first shows to really break the fourth wall on TV and one of the only shows where that actually worked (Sex and the City season one, you did not). If you were a younger girl in the 90s, odds are 20 to 1 that you watched Clarissa.

This about sums up the show.

7. The crew from Saved by the Bell – I’ll be honest – I didn’t watch Saved by the Bell. I’m not sure if I was just a hair too young for it or if those shows just weren’t my style (I think it was the former, although I also didn’t watch Beverly Hills 90210 or Dawson’s Creek). Regardless, even I know that they need to be on this list. This show kicked off TV in my generation – quite literally. Between Zack, Kelly, Slater, and especially Screech, this cast of kids started off the 90s in style.

6. The Tanner girls (and Kimmy Gibbler)Full House was my show. It’s creepy to think of now, only because when I see Joey and Danny, I see Dave Coulier and Bob Saget cracking dirty jokes about the girls. BUT this post is about the kids and they were certainly memorable. I always liked Stephanie the best and couldn’t stand Michelle, although most people I know had the opposite opinion. And then there’s Kimmy Gibbler.

Oh, Kimmy.

5. The cast of Degrassi – One of my best friends originally told me about this show, but it wasn’t until a fellow (male) bartender at Brunswick Zone and I spent a good portion of our shift watching Degrassi that I began to truly appreciate its amazingness. For those who don’t know about this show, it’s a Canadian show all about kids –> teenagers –> young adults and their struggles. I absolutely love this show because it’s never afraid to talk honestly about really serious issues – parental abuse, love, sex, teenage pregancy, abortion, school shootings, the gamut. It’s such an accurate reflection of teenage pressures that you can’t help but love it.

4. Alexis Castle – Alexis is not the main character in Castle, but she is a necessary character. And I absolutely adore her. Molly Quinn does such a terrific job playing this character – she really understands the close-knit relationship with Castle and the few tensions that occasionally come up with them. Their relationship is always endearing to me.

3. The cast of Boy Meets World – This is another show that I used to watch when I was younger (who didn’t watch Boy Meets World?). In fact, I think it’s in my Netflix queue now along with 100 other movies and shows. This show was a bit like Clarissa Explains It All in that it dealt with school and adolescent issues, but it was told from a boy’s perspective (Corey) and didn’t break the fourth wall. Besides, who could forget about Corey and Topanga?

I wonder if it was difficult for Danielle Fisher being the only girl.

2. Dawn Summers – I’ll be totally honest – I couldn’t stand Dawn when she was introduced to Buffy in season five. She was whiny, difficult, and selfish. By the end of the series, I loved her. She transforms into a strong and confident woman throughout the series who really wants to have a place in the evil-fighting world – and earns one. I have a difficult time accepting new characters in shows that I really like, but almost always I end up adoring them by the end (exception: Connor in Angel – ugh).

1. New Directions – The group from Glee is a tumultuous mishap of a group. They fight, they hate each other, they occasionally stab each other in the back – but in the end, they rely on one another completely. Even Rachel Barry, who is known for needing to stand out and be noticed for her singular talents, occasionally steps down and does what’s best for the group. The best part is that they always support each other 100% when singing. Their group makes Glee (almost) always worth watching.

Today’s clip is from second season – one of the club’s songs at regionals and one of two that they actually wrote:

Honorable mention: Zack and Cody of Zack and Cody’s Suite Life