Already this splash of color challenge has stumped me. I woke up late this morning, but that didn’t stop me from standing in my closet for a good ten minutes, frantically trying to figure out what to wear. Why didn’t I choose an outfit last night, you ask? Well, I had an idea in my head that I could wear this purple scarf today, but I didn’t think to match it with an outfit, and of course I struggled to find an outfit that would work with this particular scarf. I don’t have another bright scarf I could wear. I don’t have colorful hair accessories. I don’t even have colorful tights. The moral of the story? I really need to buy some clothes with bright colors!

After much frustration and many angry looks at the clock, I finally glanced upon the necklace that is showcasing my splash of color for the day. To be honest, I won this necklace as a prize at a jewelry party and it’s not really my style. It suited my needs perfectly today, however, and I’m warming up to it. I’ve managed to curb my irritated mood and salvage my day, so it worked out! And don’t worry, I already have tomorrow’s outfit planned.

Again, I apologize for the poor lighting.

White camisole, Oscar de la Renta – sold at Sam’s Club
Brown short-sleeve cardigan, Target – similar
Brown cropped pants, New York & Company – similar
Brown heels, Target – similar
Lia Sophia retired necklace

Also, what you can’t see well here is that I’m wearing new lipstick! My Mary Kay order came in last night, so I spent a good portion of time testing out my new products, especially the lipstick as I decided to foray into darker colors. I absolutely love the combination I’m wearing today – Shell lipstick with Berry Sparkle lip gloss.

This is my don't-do-the-same-pose-as-always pose

Up close and personal.

There's your damn splash of color. 🙂