I have to admit, I’ve been having an off week. I haven’t had a bad week and there hasn’t been anything to cause a bad week – I’ve just been feeling down on myself and super self-conscious. In an attempt to start generate some positive thinking, I wanted to share five random things for which I’m grateful:

1. Crossword puzzles and word games – Yes, I am a dork because word puzzles were the first thing I mentioned. I’m one of those people who will spend $6.00 and buy Penny Press’ huge book of variety word puzzles. In fact, I did a few puzzles out of that book last night. I’m a proud cruciverbalist and logophile. Want to hear something sweet? My boyfriend designed two unique crossword puzzles for me for our anti-Valentine’s gift. Awww. 🙂

They're never this easy.

2. Tulips – I love tulips. Ask my boyfriend – when I see them in stores, I always stop and get this goofy little smile on my face. He doesn’t understand the appeal of buying something that’s just going to die, but it’s more about the way their beauty makes me feel while they’re alive. What’s weird is tulips weren’t always my favorite flower (asiatic white lilies, now my second favorite, were tops a few years ago). I finally really noticed a red tulip and something in me (probably the classical part) clicked. Thankfully the owners of our house planted tulip bulbs before I moved in, so I get my fix each year. And they’re starting to come in now!

I can't wait to have some in my house!

3. Tissues – Whoever invented tissues should have been given the Nobel prize. Seriously, tissues get me through the day. I’m not sure if I’m slightly allergic to cats or if I’ve just gotten to the point when I’m a little snuffly, but every morning I use tissues, especially after I brush my teeth (weird, right?). Because of this, I buy the tissues with lotion. Strangely, I haven’t been sick in over a year (hopefully I didn’t just jinx that). I attribute that to working out and taking vitamins, but who knows? Maybe it’s the tissues!

I wouldn't be able to use these tissues, though. Too cute!

4. Banana cake with cream cheese frosting – This one is more random than you think. I did a secret shop at a casino recently and scored a piece of banana cake in their buffet – holy cow, did I fall in love! Something about the lightness of the cake combined with the sweet of the cream cheese frosting. In fact, I’m planning on making my own version tonight to bring to a family dinner tomorrow night. This one may not last, but right now, I’m definitely grateful for banana cake.

I wish I had taken that bite. Yum.

5. Cat toys – Only cat owners will understand this. I’ve gotten to the point where I wear earplugs every night so that my two-year spunky cat hopefully won’t wake me up at 5 a.m. when she’s decided that it’s time to play. If it weren’t for her toys, which are sparkly because she’s deaf (she likes shiny as opposed to jingly), she would tear apart my room in search of “toys” (aka whatever she can get her naughty little paws on). She particularly likes to destroy puzzle books, catalogs, hair clips, pens, wrapping paper, and cords. Thank the heavens for sparkly kitty toys.

She looks so innocent. Deceptive.

What random things are you grateful for? How do to pick yourself up when you’re feeling down?