Pretty picture, but I would never put peas in my stuffed peppers.

I wasn’t a fan of peppers up to a year ago, and I’m still not crazy about them, although I do enjoy a good red pepper. I’ve been wanting to try stuffed peppers, however, for a while – I spent quite a bit of time tracking down a suitable recipe. I was picky because I knew that the right mixture of filling would make or break the meal. This stuffed pepper recipe did a fair job on the filling – I knew what I wanted in the recipe and many other recipes called for too many extra ingredients. Overall, though, I think stuffed peppers just aren’t really my thing.

The filling needed more flavor – that was largely my fault. I didn’t add the onion to the overall mixture because I felt that I already had so much onion in the ground beef mixture. But it also needed more garlic and perhaps more spice as well. I would also try using red pepper in the future as that’s sweeter – I used green peppers because I felt that they’re more savory, but now I’m wondering if the sweet and savory mixture might be better. Worth a shot. Overall score: C+