I learned my lesson from yesterday and planned my outfit ahead of time today to get my splash of color in. Good job, me. I decided to try rocking the blazer and jeans look for the first time today and I think it was pretty successful! Thankfully my boyfriend was able to take pictures of me today, so they’re not my standard iffy pictures. He also likes to shoot pictures off the cuff, so he doesn’t let me know when he’s taking them, which makes for some interesting pictures.

Sorry these pictures are off in color. My camera doesn't like...anything, apparently.

Black blazer, Walmart – similar
Red short-sleeve top, can’t remember
Jeans, thrifted
Black heels, Target – similar
Sultry necklace, Lia Sophia

The one thing that I would have changed would be the jeans – I went through a lot of bad pictures because the jeans just don’t work well with this top. Lesson learned. I’m actually not wearing this anymore – I changed once I got off work – but I’m still wearing a shirt with red, don’t worry!

Apologies for the brightness - it's overcast, too - but look! outdoor photo!

My boyfriend was having fun taking weird pictures.

Yay outdoors!