As promised in last week’s post about the best romances on TV, this week is going to showcase couples that need to happen. You know what I mean – those two on TV that you anxiously root for every episode but who never actually seem to get together. I’m still rooting for these couples:

10. Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler – I realize that Elliot is married and their relationship is probably platonic, but come on. Anybody who has seen even a few snippets of Law & Order: SVU (such as myself) knows that these two belong together. They work perfectly together, they understand each other, and they know each other’s minute moves. Really, they aren’t a couple?

9. Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon – I haven’t seen much of The Mentalist either, but I do know from just a few shows that cocky Patrick Jane needs to be with confident Teresa Lisbon. She’s pretty much the only person who can handle him, for crying out loud. Plus I love Robin Tunney, so that finalizes that. Right?

8. Penelope Garcia and Derek Morgan – To be honest, these two need to happen, but at the same time, I absolutely LOVE seeing Nicholas Brenden on Criminal Minds as Garcia’s boyfriend, Kevin. He is absolutely adorable and he makes a great recurring character. That really makes it difficult, because I also believe that Garcia and Morgan should be together. Finest man and amazing woman? They belong together. The dilemma…

7. Abby Scuito and Timothy McGee – Apparently these two did get together briefly in season two of NCIS and then split, which just isn’t fair. Come on writers, it’s obvious that they would work well together. Just get them back together already! Besides, McGee still pines over Abby all the time, and while she seems to have moved on, I bet that’s secretly not the case. Humph.

6. Gregory House and Lisa Cuddy – This is beyond obvious. How long are the writers of House going to drag out the attraction between these two? They’re going to get together, they’re not going to get together, House admits he wants to be with Cuddy, Cuddy doesn’t want to be with House. Get them together already! She’s probably the only woman out there who House could actually love, anyway. Although I can see Cuddy’s point – House is a pain in the ass.

5. Santana Lopez and Brittany Pierce – I have to admit, I didn’t really see their relationship going anywhere until Glee threw us a bit of a curve ball. But now that they did? I really want to see this happen! It explains so much, especially Santana’s bitterness and cruelty toward others. Granted, I like Brittany with Artie, but I love the idea of those two getting together. They just get each other.

4. Nate Ford and Sophie Devereaux – If you’ve seen Leverage, then you’ve seen the consistent tease that the writers keep bringing up regarding a past (and possible future) relationship between Nate and Sophie. There are so many reasons that those two should be together. Granted, there are reasons they shouldn’t be together, but the reasons they should far outweigh the rest. Sophie keeps Nate in line, which is not a simple thing to do. Nate keeps Sophie going for the team, which is not a simple thing to do. They should be with each other. Enough said.

3. Mal Reynolds and Inara Serra – I don’t care that Firefly has ended. I don’t care that Serenity didn’t have them match up in the end like our other long-awaited couple, Simon and Kaylee. These two belong together, and damnit, in my mind, they ended up together in the last five minutes that must have been cut from the script. They get on each other’s nerves and they absolutely love one another. They even admit it. It’s so obvious. It’s so obvious that it didn’t need to be written. ‘Cause it happened.

2. Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan – I haven’t seen much of Bones yet (it’s next on my list), but I can already tell that underneath their irritation is also an attraction to one another. In fact, I know this is the case because I’ve heard that Brennan finally admits her feelings, only to be turned down by Booth because he’s dating someone. Bad timing will not stop these two, I know it. You’ll see.

1. Richard Castle and Kate Beckett – Oh. My. God. How many times are these two going to almost get together before they actually do? Seriously, every other episode shows Castle doing something amazingly sweet for Beckett or Beckett almost getting carried away before her stupid doctor boyfriend calls. They even kiss at one point – although that may have been for a ruse. But still. These two must get together.

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What couple do you think needs to get together?