Everyone has those pieces that they absolutely love. Once you try them on in the store, you know you have to have it. You never stop loving it. You wear them until they fall apart and then you wear them a little bit longer. It hurts to throw them away (I sometimes make my boyfriend throw away shoes that have fallen apart – in fact, I once had a sole fall off before I finally admitted it was time to toss them). Bottom line, these pieces always make you feel fabulous about the way you look. Here are my five favorite items in my closet:

1. Silver Suki jeans – I absolutely adore these jeans. I tried them on a couple of years ago and they were made for my body. They hug every curve that I want them to hug and avoid the curves I don’t want to stand out. They’re incredibly comfortable and they go with everything. The only reason it took me until last Christmas to get them is because they’re out of my budget – $80 for a pair of jeans is way too much for me. I waited until I got them as a gift from my wonderful family. Don’t worry, family, I’ve been wearing them nonstop since!

2. Date skirt – Just like with the little black dress, I believe everyone should own a date skirt. This is the skirt that you wear out on dates because you know you’ll look hot and you feel good about yourself when you wear it. My date skirt came from Old Navy. It’s gray and black striped and flares out from the waist. It also has discreet pockets, which is a fabulous bonus. I absolutely adore it. In fact, next date night, I may have to wear that one.

3. Grey/black plaid Candies heels – I am incredibly sad because I haven’t been able to wear these heels in months. Unfortunately, the heels need to be fixed (I wore them down to the metal) and I haven’t gotten my butt into the shoe repair shop to get them fixed. These are by far my favorite high heel – they’re incredibly comfortable and adorable to boot (err…to shoe?). I WILL get these fixed so I can wear them again.

4. Madden Girl booties – I couldn’t resist adding another shoe in. I’ll be honest, although I have shirts that I like, I don’t have a shirt that I like better than these two pairs of shoes. I was formerly a bootie disliker (not really a hater) mainly because I thought they would make my legs look heavier, but once I found these, it sparked my love for booties. I adore the chains that drape across the top and the way it combines badass with gorgeous.

5. Blue, black, and white dress – I chose this dress at Kohl’s as a gift a couple of years ago (can you tell my more expensive items tend to be gifts? I have awesome family.) and I have never regretted it. This dress fits my body perfectly. The empire-waist black sash accentuates my waist at just the right spot while the rest of the dress flows down over my curves. Every time I wear it, I get compliments – and nothing makes a girl feel better than hearing she looks good! Okay, that’s not true, but compliments do always feel good.

What are your favorite items to wear?