It’s been at least four years since I’ve really cut my hair. I’ve gotten plenty of trims in that time, but really, nothing more than a couple of inches at most. This was my hair a couple of weeks ago, long and wet and long again.

Today, I finally decided to go for it – I got a real haircut. Something had to change, dear readers, and it ended up being the hair. For now.

So now I’m…

I full-sized this bitch. Maximum effect!

Ta-dah! Check out the necklace. See why today’s post was titled “Owl get a haircut”? Ha! I’m so clever. 🙂

Yeah, yeah, I'm sizing down now.

I also took pictures on the roof for the first time. Sadly, they didn’t turn out. I’m sure my neighbors were amused, though.

I'm going to sound so hipster when I say this, but I bought that owl necklace online before it got popular. Seriously!

Nothing boosts confidence like a new 'do.

Shirt: Oscar de la Renta camisole, Sam’s Club
Jeans: Silver Jeans Suki jeans, Maurices
Shoes: Pink ballet flats, Payless – similar
Necklace: Owl, overseas-but-now-available-everywhere-like-Amazon (really, not a hipster!)