I haven’t done much online surfing lately, so I haven’t had a chance to drool over much out there (thankfully – it usually just makes me sad). But it’s a new month, so hopefully soon I’ll be getting more income in and can add a couple of these items to my closet:

TheTwoLittleMoos – Shutterbug Silver Camera and Pearl, $16.00 – buy it here!

I love this necklace! I took photography in high school and have always loved photographic art, so this piece is perfect. I also really adore the pearl – just that simple, small addition gives this necklace a hint of classy glamour. I stumbled across Brittney’s blog, which led me to her adorable Etsy shop – I want to buy so much of her stuff now!

TheLeatherStore – Gray Suede Sash Obi Belt, $45.00 – get it here!

I’ve been wanting an obi belt since I saw Sally from Already Pretty sporting one and realized how awesome they look. I don’t necessary want mine to be suede like the one pictured here, but I love the cut of this one – for those who don’t know, obi belts are varying in size, shape, and fabric. I like a wider tie as opposed to a thin tie and I don’t want anything too flashy. I’ll have to keep my eye out for this – or make my own?

Maurices – Belted Textured Tunic with Pockets, $29.00 – get it here!

I realize this probably wouldn’t look very good on my body, but I want to try it out just to see. I love drape necks like this as they draw attention up and wide belts look good around my natural waist. It would need a black bolero cardigan, though, and I haven’t been able to find a good one yet.

Anthropologie – Creased Swirls Corset Top, $88.00 – get it here!

I don’t like the way yellow looks on me. In fact, I don’t think I own a single yellow item. I have, however, always wanted something in yellow – especially after I heard that there’s a shade of yellow for everyone. I also don’t love everything that Anthropologie makes, but when they make something good, it’s damn good. Not worth $88.00, perhaps, but little is to me.

Macy’s – Ruby Rox Strapless Rosette Bubble Hem, $44.50 – get it here!

This is the kind of dress that I have absolutely no use for, but absolutely adore. In fact, I have a slightly similar dress (similar in color and black overlay) that I don’t use, but I love too much to get rid of. I want to be rich and have an excuse to wear this.

What items have you been craving?