In the past two weeks, I’ve talked about the best romances on TV and couples that need to happen. This week, I’m highlighting couples that never should have happened. You know the ones – the couples that make you go “ugh” and yell at the TV. There are plenty of them out there, but here are my top ten:

10. Cuddy and Lucas – I don’t care if this guy shares his last name with my boyfriend’s first name (Douglas), it’s just not right. Cuddy doesn’t belong with him. Cuddy belongs with House! House will not be right while these two are together (I haven’t seen past season five or so when they first get together, so no spoilers, please).

9. Junior and Rebecca – For those who haven’t seen Wildfire, this couple may not mean much to you. But if you recall, Kris and Junior were on my best romances list, so you can imagine why I would feel a bit of ick regarding these two. I understand that Junior needed to be with someone else in order to show that he “moved on” (which he didn’t), but it still gives me the icks. By the way, this was one of Amanda Seyfried’s earlier roles.

You just want to wipe that smug look off her face.

8. Castle and Gina – For the most part, exes should stay exes – there’s a reason they split. So why does Castle end up back together with his second wife for a while in seasons two and three of Castle? Simply to make us yell at him for being stupid and to make us beat our heads in frustration when Beckett is available and he’s not. That has to be the reason. There just isn’t another decent explanation.

7. Chandler and Janice – I know that Janice provided some solid entertainment on Friends, but to me, she was always the annoying woman capturing Chandler’s attention. She wore awful clothes, she had awful hair, she had an awful voice and laugh. Come on, Chandler – you really couldn’t do better? Oh wait, you did. Eventually. Maybe it just made his fling-turned-relationship-turned-marriage with Monica that much better.

6. Ross and Emily – Again with the annoying lovers on Friends. Ross may be a bit annoying, but Emily is definitely annoying. She’s bossy, domineering, and self-conscious. She doesn’t trust Ross at all in regards to Rachel, which honestly, I can understand – that would be a very difficult situation. But she goes about the issue all wrong. They’re just not a good fit. End of story.

Before they got together - it gets worse.

5. Wesley and Lilah – In what weird universe did sweet, awkward Wesley end up with evil Lilah, you ask? Well, dear readers who have not seen Angel, Wesley reaches a point where he snaps. Actually, that happens a couple of times, but the first time is the more important one as it brings about a new Wesley who is much harder. That being said, I still don’t see how he could have been with Lilah. Eww. Double eww. Although I do love Stephanie Romanov’s portrayal of her.

4. Carrie and Berger – I like Ron Livingston for the most part. But his character in Sex and the City is so annoying, so self-conscious, so resentful that he makes it impossible for anyone to like him. Sure, he’s funny, but that humor goes away after he starts resenting Carrie for having success when he doesn’t. Boohoo, dude. That’s the business. Carrie is definitely better off without him.

This is what ends up happening when you give up your life for Aleksandr.

3. Carrie and Aleksandr – Speaking of Carrie’s bad relationships on Sex and the City, what was the deal with her and Aleksandr? The guy was the complete opposite of Carrie. He fulfilled none of her needs. He was cold and aloof, he couldn’t make a solid commitment. He asked her to give up her life and move overseas, for crying out loud. It felt like Carrie had grown throughout the seasons and then reverted back to her stupid, self-sacrificing self when she started dating him in the last season. Ick.

2. Dexter and Lila – I have to say, I love Dexter, but I abhorred this relationship. Lila was a horrible person. Dexter may be a serial killer, but he’s intriguing and cares about his family and kills only bad guys, so we can’t help but sympathize with our strange hero. But Lila? The woman was a leech. And what she leeched on was good people in relationships. She almost ruined Dexter and Rita, who are a great couple. Well, Dexter certainly had a hand in that as well, but partly because of Lila’s “charms.” All I can say is thankfully she died.

1. Cordelia and Connor – Season four of Angel takes a very weird (and icky) turn when Cordelia and Connor get together. I don’t want to ruin things for certain unnamed people who haven’t seen Angel yet, but suffice it to say that it’s just…icky. The age thing wouldn’t bother me if it weren’t for who Connor is. And who Cordelia ends up being in this season. And that Connor is the age that he is. And that I don’t really like Connor until he reappears in season five. I get that it needs to happen to propel the entire season, but it shouldn’t have happened. Ick.

I have to admit, I didn't look too hard for a video clip.

What couples do you think should never have happened?