It was overwhelming hot in my room last night. It’s just the way our house is in summer. I like summer, but between the hornets that swarm around my house and the oppressive heat in the upstairs room, it can be a bit unbearable. I’m picking up a hornet trap today (take that, evil). See below for an example of how we deal with the heat when overly hyper.

Me: It’s sooo hot up here. Ugh!
Boyfriend: I know. Do you have your other fan?
Me: I have both the ceiling fan and the regular fan on.
Boyfriend: Are they on high?
Me: The regular fan is, the ceiling fan is on the second setting because it rattles when it’s on high. Ugh!
Boyfriend: Get your big fan!
Me: The big fan makes a lot of noise.
Boyfriend: Big fan!
Me: Like, a LOT of noise. Remember?
Boyfriend: Big fannn!
Me: Okay, you go get it!

Boyfriend gets the fan. One minute later…

Boyfriend: There’s a B52 in your room.