Everyone has things they can’t seem to finish. You know you do. Don’t lie. For whatever reason, we get started on something – be it a puzzle, a knitted scarf, a car we’re putting together, half and half in the fridge – and we just cannot for the life of us finish it. Such as…

1. I cannot finish my coffee before it gets cold – To be fair, this is relevant really only when I’m working or busy. I’m not sure if I just get focused on other things and forget about my coffee. I do take sips fairly frequently. Perhaps it’s the big cup that I use at work. That’s it! I’ll blame the cup.

Err...it's bigger than it looks.

2. I cannot use up a tube of lipstick – I think this is because I like to switch up my lipstick colors on a daily basis. Seriously, you should see my makeup drawer. It’s a bit much. That’s what happens when you sell Mary Kay. Anyway, I have probably 10 various shades of lipstick or glosses, especially now that I’ve started branching out into darker, bolder colors. At least I’ll never run out.

I don't put lipstick on this way. Also, I don't have a beard.

3. I cannot get through a tub of sour cream before it expires – This one stumps me. I used to buy the regular-sized tubs, but I didn’t finish them. So I bought the smaller-sized tubs, but I couldn’t finish that up either. Now I just buy whatever is cheaper and hope to use as much as possible. Why do I buy it if I barely use it, you ask? Well, dear readers, I have this condition where I must have sour cream with my baked potatoes and my tacos. It’s just a part of the meal.

It's the topper with the mostest! Wait, that's not right.

4. I cannot get through pens before I lose them – This one may sound weird, but I hoard my pens. It comes from years of serving and bartending – believe me, do not steal a server’s pen. Unless you didn’t tip him or her, in which case s/he already hates you. Nowadays, I have a huge bucket of pens, markers, and highlighters sitting on my desk, so I think people feel like they can randomly steal my pens. Rage! No stealing! Ooh, there’s a thought.

I won't actually do this. Also, I am not pleased with my camera and its lack of sharpness.

5. I cannot finish Grandma’s flower puzzle – I have a very good reason for this. The puzzle is a BEAST. It’s only 750 pieces, but it’s almost entirely one yellow flower. Think this, but the flower is all yellow.


There. It looks like that.

What are you unable to finish?