All right, lovely readers, we’ve covered the best romances on TV, couples that need to happen, and couples that never should have happened. Let’s move away from the romantic relationships and focus on friendships instead. As usual, I’m sure I’m missing a few winners, but here are some of my favorite buddies on TV:

10. Cliff and Norm – I don’t think I need to reiterate that I don’t watch Cheers, but I know enough to know that these two are worthy pals. I’ve heard from many a person that most of the humor that comes out of the show comes from these two fellows. Who am I to take that title away from them?

9. Garcia and Morgan – Back to the shows I do watch. The Criminal Minds team isn’t incredibly close. They occasionally all go out to the bar for drinks, but they don’t make an effort to hang out on a regular basis. That being said, they’re ALWAYS TOGETHER. It’s the job. They have to be available to fly anywhere in the States on a moment’s notice. So Garcia (the team’s technical analyst) and Morgan (FBI field agent) are pretty damn good friends. They’re both easygoing and they love to banter with each other in endearing ways. Nothing’s better than banter. Then again, I could just enjoy these two because I adore them both individually.

8. Matt and Junior – I know, I’m the only person out there in the blogging world who’s watched Wildfire, but you know what? I love that show. So they’re going to consistently be on my list. Tough. These two have been best friends since they were kids. They get torn apart, largely because of their vying feelings for the main character, Kris. But they also struggle with growing up in two very different households. Eventually, they work things out – it IS a family show – and life is grand.

7. Jack and Karen – Be honest. Did you watch Will & Grace to watch Will and Grace? They were cute and provided some entertainment, to be sure, but that’s not why we watched the show. We watched it to see Jack and Karen. Two inconsiderate, self-entitled people somehow made for great comedy. In real life, we hate that. On TV…well, apparently that’s golden.

6. Jeff and Lester – Oh, Jeffster. There are times that I don’t even know what to say about Jeff and Lester. Suffice it to say that Chuck would not be the same without them.

5. House and Wilson – House and Wilson are one of the best parts of House, if not the best. I’ll admit that I was freaking out a bit when it appeared that Wilson was giving up on House around the 5th season. I can’t say I would have blamed him – House is a complete ass. But they make such a perfect pair. Like in a more recent episode, where they leave chickens around the hospital in a contest to see who will get in trouble first. Who else would keep House entertained? Nobody.

4. Shawn and Gus – I’ve only watched most of the first season of Psych, but it’s obvious that these two have a serious bromance going on. They’re another pair that have been best friends since a young age and now drive each other crazy – but they’re always best friends. Shawn is crazy and spontaneous and stupidly courageous, Gus is careful and precise and a complete worrywart. They somehow make a great team.

3. Willow and Xander – Who doesn’t love Willow and Xander? Buffy the Vampire Slayer would have been nothing without these two sidekicks (who did a lot more than sidekicks traditionally do). Xander even brings Willow back from a verrrry dark place at the end of the sixth season in a very touching scene. They’re fantastic. Buffy, you could have been on this list with them, but you had to be all “I’m the Slayer, I’m always alone” in the final seasons. Sorry.

2. Carrie and Miranda and Samantha and Charlotte – Yes, I put all four on here, and deservedly so. Carrie may be the main character and there may be a lot of men in Sex and the City, but that show is truly about ALL relationships at its heart. The relationships that the ladies have is an absolutely crucial part of the show. I will even be so bold as to say it’s the biggest reason women watch that show. Sure, we like watching Carrie and Big struggle to get it together or Miranda learn to balance a relationship with her independent self, but the interaction and love between the women is what we yearn for and envy. That’s the reason we watch it.

1. Chandler and Joey – Like you had any doubt that these two would be top of my list? Chandler and Joey are the epitome of best buddies. Hello, they’re on a show called Friends. Doesn’t that speak for itself?

Apparently virtually every single video clip featuring Chandler and Joey has disabled embedding. LAME. So you’ll have to settle for a picture.

Who are your favorite TV buddies?