Today’s FBFF strays a bit from the norm – instead of answering question prompts, bloggers are writing about their top blogging pet peeves. By no means do I wish to offend anybody with this list. I certainly don’t think my blog is better than anyone else’s – in fact, there are a few things that peeve me about my own blog, which will hopefully be alleviated when I buy my domain. Regardless, here are a few things that bug me when browsing blogs, along with recommendations:

Blogs cluttered with sidebar widgets/pictures/ads – I used to have a list of blogs I read on my sidebar, if you recall, but eventually it got the point where I was sharing so many that my sidebar was getting very long. I ended up removing the sharing widgets and creating a Blog Love page to share my growing list of bloggers to clean that up. I understand and respect that bloggers have many affiliations, but having outrageously long lists gets distracting and looks muddled. My recommendation: Create pages dedicated to those specific affiliation or sponsors. Giving them their own page will give them special status on your blog and they won’t get lost in the oodles of sidebar widgets.

Blogs that have typos – This may sound snobbish of me, but I was an English major in college and language is my love. I proofread all of my posts after I publish or schedule them and go back to fix any issues I may have. Granted, most of my posts are not exceedingly long, so it’s easy for me to do so. But when I’m reading through a post and see a bunch of typos, I wonder why the post didn’t get proofed. I think it’s just so natural for me to do that since I was an English major and now do a lot of editing in my work. My recommendation: Give your post a quick 2-minute glance after finishing it to make sure you’ve captured any typos or layout issues.

Blogs with an unclean layout – I don’t mean unclean as in sin and hellfire. I mean the blog layout just somehow doesn’t match the blog format. Usually I find this has to do with a mismatched color scheme. If the text color clashes with the background color, it’s going to make the entire layout look funny. I also occasionally see text that doesn’t wrap properly or a blog layout that covers text. My recommendation: Choose colors you like, of course, but focus on meshing them together well. Ask for second opinions once you find a color scheme you like. And try to hold off on posting blogs until drastic issues are resolved.

Blogs with too many pictures – I love pictures, I do. I don’t love sitting in front of my computer for five minutes waiting for your pictures to load. I especially don’t love sitting in front of my computer for five minutes waiting for your pictures to load when they’re basically the SAME PICTURE. My recommendation: I want to see your lovely photos, but if they’re similar, try to pare it down so that you’re only showing about five photos. If you’re showing photos that are not similar, incorporate a jump or a break to cut down on loading time.

Blog posts that have a jump – I know, I just recommended that you use a jump. If you’re going to have a lot of images in a post, it’s hard to avoid using a jump to help speed up loading time. The reason that I dislike jumps, however, is because I use Google Reader to subscribe to many blogs. Google Reader pulls in the blog into their format. I can’t see anything beyond the jump, which means that I have to go the extra step to click on the link to access your page if I want to read more. I’m lazy. If I’m on your blog and I have to go to a blog page directly to read the rest because of a jump, I then have to go back to read more on your blog, and remember, I’m lazy. My recommendation: I’m not the only lazy reader out there. Think about your readers in terms of blog accessibility, then go with your gut.

Blogs where I can’t scroll down and access more posts easily – If I’m reading your blog, chances are I want to read more than one post you’ve written. While I highly appreciate that bloggers think about loading times and try to alleviate those, it frustrates me when I can only read one post per page. I don’t want to click through a dozen pages to find the one post of yours I wanted to share from last week. My recommendation: If you’re going to alleviate loading time by showing only one page at a time, find sidebar widgets that help me navigate to older posts and categories. I would recommend having those regardless – they’re my favorite widgets.

Blogs that make it difficult to comment, like, or share – I like your blog post! I want to leave a comment to say so or to share my opinion as well! I want to like your blog! I want to share it with others! Oh, wait. I can’t. Blogs that make it difficult to leave comments or share them with other readers lose readership, period. My recommendation: Review your widgets and commenting abilities to make sure that they’re reader-friendly.

And one of my own pet peeves to prove I’m not a total blog snob…

WordPress saving and reloading issues – Anyone else have this problem? It doesn’t happen too often, but I’ll be working on a blog and suddenly, my browser will freeze. By the time I get back to the page, it’s disappeared. Thankfully WordPress automatically saves, so I don’t always lose my text, but I do often lose my saved publication specifications, categories, and tags. Since almost always I write my posts in advance and schedule them, this means that I accidentally post TV Tuesday posts on the previous Friday as uncategorized (which, you may have noticed, I never do) and no tags (again, never happens). Like I said, doesn’t happen often, but it’s quite the peeve when it does.

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What do you see when reading blogs that irritates you?