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A couple of weeks ago, I posted a product review of Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm. As promised, here is another review of one of my favorite products.

Again, as a disclaimer, no companies have asked me to review their products.

Victoria’s Secret has been around for years. The name is known in virtually every household as the dirty little secret lingerie and bra shop. They also, however, have a fabulous makeup line. Although I only use a couple of their makeup products, such as VS lip gloss in Tempt (shade no longer offered but similar to Intimate) and VS eyeshadow in Procrastination (shade no longer offered but similar to Luxe), I am a hardcore fan of their VS Makeup High-definition Mascara.

PS - VS actually stands for their Very Sexy brand, not Victoria's Secret.

Of all of my makeup products, my VS mascara is the one product that I will not go without. I love drawing attention to my eyes since I feel that they’re a strong feature of mine, and this mascara does that perfectly without looking tacky. Since my lashes can be fine and lighter in color, adding a black mascara really makes my eyes pop. It’s also the only mascara that I’ve found that looks dramatic without being too much – and believe me, since mascara is my number one makeup product, I’ve tried a few. On the other hand, most mascaras on the cheaper end often are much too light for my taste and end up getting severely clumpy within a couple of months. Even high-end mascara, such as Stila, just don’t stand up to VS mascara for me.

Okay, so she's wearing false eye lashes - but still, the stuff works.

Onto the negatives. Many mascara aficianados such as myself know that mascara typically only lasts about three months before it gets too clumpy to work properly. Yes, really. Don’t tell me that you can make your mascara last a year – you get massive clumps in your eyelashes and you know it. Mascara was designed to be as finicky as a colicky infant. Sadly, VS mascara is no different – in three months or so, I get clumps that will not go away and it has to be replaced. It does, however, make me feel slightly better about the recently reduced amount of mascara I get in a tube – to be fair, I wouldn’t have really used up the larger tube anyway. Additionally, VS currently only offers their VS Makeup mascaras in Blackest Black. That isn’t a big deal for me because I only wear black mascara, but that perhaps wouldn’t work so well for someone needing mascara with a brown tint. They do have varying mascara colors in their Beauty Rush line, usually found near the registers.

Also, I should note that VS did recently expand their VS Makeup mascara line to include other types of mascara, including Triple Drama, Extra-Lengthening, and Voluptuous in both regular and waterproof. You could certainly try those out as well, but my recommendation stays for the High-definition Mascara, hands down.

Are you a diehard fan for any particular mascara? Have you had any negative experiences with mascara?


Sally from Already Pretty linked out to this recently and I really liked the positive self-image prompts posed here. I decided to not only complete the prompts, but to share them so that you could all benefit from answering these prompts as well! Check out Margarita Tartakovshy’s original blog post for others.

  • I am beautiful because…every woman is beautiful in her own way. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, but if you believe you’re beautiful, it can’t help but show through you and make you beautiful to others.
  • I am strong because…strength is not reflected only in the physical form, but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • My favorite physical activity is…swimming! I absolutely love the water, and while I rarely actually get around to swimming, I love doing it when I can. A fair warning, though – do not attempt to learn to swim on a swim team.
  • I nourish my body because…I can. It took me a while to know how to answer this question, mainly because I think of nourish in a healthy way, and I honestly am not good at that. But I am good at splurging on unhealthy food. I’m very good at that. And I often do it because I feel like it’s unfair that I should have to basically be anorexic in order to be the size of one of my friends, who is not a stick. I would never be a stick. It’s just not my body.
  • My loved ones make me feel great about my body when…they compliment me. 🙂 I think compliments are underrated. It’s obvious when they’re insincere, but when they’re not, they’re a great confidence booster! I also really like when my boy touches me (stop thinking dirty) anywhere, like stroking my face. He’s always really gentle and it makes me feel loved.
  • My loved ones make me feel bad about my body when…they make fun of my eating habits. I know I eat poorly. I really do. But I guilt myself enough, so guilting me even more doesn’t help and isn’t going to make me change my dietary ways.
  • I feel best about myself when…I believe in myself. Wow, did that sound cheesy. But it’s true. When I have confidence in myself, I feel amazing.
  • I feel bad about myself when…I compare my body or my life or my issues to someone else and come up lacking. It’s a bad habit that I really need to break, but I’m sure everyone can attest to how difficult that is. I heard some great advice today that if something makes you feel badly – no matter what – eliminate it. Her example was “if looking at a coworker’s vacation photos makes you feel bad, close the web page. It’s not worth it.” Truth.
  • A truly positive body image means…not only accepting your flaws, but embracing them as well. I’m getting there on acceptance, embracing is next.
  • I love being me because…I survive. No matter what happens or how much I struggle, I still survive.
  • I wish that I could give myself permission to…not feel guilty!
  • I always feel comfortable in my own skin when…I’m wearing a fun, flirty dress. I’m not sure what it is about dresses. The right sundress can make me feel great about myself. The somewhat ironic thing is that I don’t like my arms and sundresses are often sleeveless. That just pushes the acceptance part just a little further.
  • The lesson I’ve learned about my body image this year is…I can be beautiful no matter what size I am. I still struggle with this, but I recently read an article that has helped me open up to this concept. Body image acceptance, here I come!
  • If I could change one thing about my life it would be…that I wouldn’t have to focus on seeking happiness – that it would just be available. Or would be easier to find, at the very least.
  • My favorite part about spring is…Tulips! Or sprummer! Or nice weather after months and months of crappy weather. No, wait! BABY DUCKIES!!!

I like ducks.

Thanks to the ever lovely Kate, I’m participating in today’s Everybody, Everywear monthly crossposting – this month they’re featuring florals. I’ve been hoping to get my hands on a decent floral top this year, but I haven’t managed to find anything yet. I’m just pleased I found a few cardigans when I went thrifting this weekend, so I can’t really complain. I put this outfit together, and then I remembered that I wore a really cute outfit on Sunday that had a floral skirt, and then I remembered that it’s dirty and the skirt isn’t work appropriate…so here you go!

Apologies for the poor photo - busy night meant no pictures until 8:30!

See everybody else’s floral everywear here!

Florals | Everybody, Everywear

I haven’t done much online surfing lately, so I haven’t had a chance to drool over much out there (thankfully – it usually just makes me sad). But it’s a new month, so hopefully soon I’ll be getting more income in and can add a couple of these items to my closet:

TheTwoLittleMoos – Shutterbug Silver Camera and Pearl, $16.00 – buy it here!

I love this necklace! I took photography in high school and have always loved photographic art, so this piece is perfect. I also really adore the pearl – just that simple, small addition gives this necklace a hint of classy glamour. I stumbled across Brittney’s blog, which led me to her adorable Etsy shop – I want to buy so much of her stuff now!

TheLeatherStore – Gray Suede Sash Obi Belt, $45.00 – get it here!

I’ve been wanting an obi belt since I saw Sally from Already Pretty sporting one and realized how awesome they look. I don’t necessary want mine to be suede like the one pictured here, but I love the cut of this one – for those who don’t know, obi belts are varying in size, shape, and fabric. I like a wider tie as opposed to a thin tie and I don’t want anything too flashy. I’ll have to keep my eye out for this – or make my own?

Maurices – Belted Textured Tunic with Pockets, $29.00 – get it here!

I realize this probably wouldn’t look very good on my body, but I want to try it out just to see. I love drape necks like this as they draw attention up and wide belts look good around my natural waist. It would need a black bolero cardigan, though, and I haven’t been able to find a good one yet.

Anthropologie – Creased Swirls Corset Top, $88.00 – get it here!

I don’t like the way yellow looks on me. In fact, I don’t think I own a single yellow item. I have, however, always wanted something in yellow – especially after I heard that there’s a shade of yellow for everyone. I also don’t love everything that Anthropologie makes, but when they make something good, it’s damn good. Not worth $88.00, perhaps, but little is to me.

Macy’s – Ruby Rox Strapless Rosette Bubble Hem, $44.50 – get it here!

This is the kind of dress that I have absolutely no use for, but absolutely adore. In fact, I have a slightly similar dress (similar in color and black overlay) that I don’t use, but I love too much to get rid of. I want to be rich and have an excuse to wear this.

What items have you been craving?

It’s been at least four years since I’ve really cut my hair. I’ve gotten plenty of trims in that time, but really, nothing more than a couple of inches at most. This was my hair a couple of weeks ago, long and wet and long again.

Today, I finally decided to go for it – I got a real haircut. Something had to change, dear readers, and it ended up being the hair. For now.

So now I’m…

I full-sized this bitch. Maximum effect!

Ta-dah! Check out the necklace. See why today’s post was titled “Owl get a haircut”? Ha! I’m so clever. 🙂

Yeah, yeah, I'm sizing down now.

I also took pictures on the roof for the first time. Sadly, they didn’t turn out. I’m sure my neighbors were amused, though.

I'm going to sound so hipster when I say this, but I bought that owl necklace online before it got popular. Seriously!

Nothing boosts confidence like a new 'do.

Shirt: Oscar de la Renta camisole, Sam’s Club
Jeans: Silver Jeans Suki jeans, Maurices
Shoes: Pink ballet flats, Payless – similar
Necklace: Owl, overseas-but-now-available-everywhere-like-Amazon (really, not a hipster!)

Everyone has those pieces that they absolutely love. Once you try them on in the store, you know you have to have it. You never stop loving it. You wear them until they fall apart and then you wear them a little bit longer. It hurts to throw them away (I sometimes make my boyfriend throw away shoes that have fallen apart – in fact, I once had a sole fall off before I finally admitted it was time to toss them). Bottom line, these pieces always make you feel fabulous about the way you look. Here are my five favorite items in my closet:

1. Silver Suki jeans – I absolutely adore these jeans. I tried them on a couple of years ago and they were made for my body. They hug every curve that I want them to hug and avoid the curves I don’t want to stand out. They’re incredibly comfortable and they go with everything. The only reason it took me until last Christmas to get them is because they’re out of my budget – $80 for a pair of jeans is way too much for me. I waited until I got them as a gift from my wonderful family. Don’t worry, family, I’ve been wearing them nonstop since!

2. Date skirt – Just like with the little black dress, I believe everyone should own a date skirt. This is the skirt that you wear out on dates because you know you’ll look hot and you feel good about yourself when you wear it. My date skirt came from Old Navy. It’s gray and black striped and flares out from the waist. It also has discreet pockets, which is a fabulous bonus. I absolutely adore it. In fact, next date night, I may have to wear that one.

3. Grey/black plaid Candies heels – I am incredibly sad because I haven’t been able to wear these heels in months. Unfortunately, the heels need to be fixed (I wore them down to the metal) and I haven’t gotten my butt into the shoe repair shop to get them fixed. These are by far my favorite high heel – they’re incredibly comfortable and adorable to boot (err…to shoe?). I WILL get these fixed so I can wear them again.

4. Madden Girl booties – I couldn’t resist adding another shoe in. I’ll be honest, although I have shirts that I like, I don’t have a shirt that I like better than these two pairs of shoes. I was formerly a bootie disliker (not really a hater) mainly because I thought they would make my legs look heavier, but once I found these, it sparked my love for booties. I adore the chains that drape across the top and the way it combines badass with gorgeous.

5. Blue, black, and white dress – I chose this dress at Kohl’s as a gift a couple of years ago (can you tell my more expensive items tend to be gifts? I have awesome family.) and I have never regretted it. This dress fits my body perfectly. The empire-waist black sash accentuates my waist at just the right spot while the rest of the dress flows down over my curves. Every time I wear it, I get compliments – and nothing makes a girl feel better than hearing she looks good! Okay, that’s not true, but compliments do always feel good.

What are your favorite items to wear?

The lovely Kate passed along a great image to me and I felt the need to share it.

See the original post here.

Last week, I posted a challenge to myself to wear a bright color every day for a week. Right off the bat, I must apologize for not posting my outfits over the last three days – I caught a nasty cold and barely made it to work, much less accomplished anything productive. I promise you that I did wear bright colors each of those days, however – a fuchsia shirt on Sunday, this shirt in bright blue from Victoria’s Secret on Monday, and a bright blue business tank top from Old Navy on Tuesday. Here’s a wrap-up from the rest of the week:

Wednesday's kick-off splash of color

Thursday's green

Friday's bright red and blazer combo

And Saturday's post on the porch

Moral of the story? I need to update my closet with brighter clothes and accessories!

I learned my lesson from yesterday and planned my outfit ahead of time today to get my splash of color in. Good job, me. I decided to try rocking the blazer and jeans look for the first time today and I think it was pretty successful! Thankfully my boyfriend was able to take pictures of me today, so they’re not my standard iffy pictures. He also likes to shoot pictures off the cuff, so he doesn’t let me know when he’s taking them, which makes for some interesting pictures.

Sorry these pictures are off in color. My camera doesn't like...anything, apparently.

Black blazer, Walmart – similar
Red short-sleeve top, can’t remember
Jeans, thrifted
Black heels, Target – similar
Sultry necklace, Lia Sophia

The one thing that I would have changed would be the jeans – I went through a lot of bad pictures because the jeans just don’t work well with this top. Lesson learned. I’m actually not wearing this anymore – I changed once I got off work – but I’m still wearing a shirt with red, don’t worry!

Apologies for the brightness - it's overcast, too - but look! outdoor photo!

My boyfriend was having fun taking weird pictures.

Yay outdoors!

Already this splash of color challenge has stumped me. I woke up late this morning, but that didn’t stop me from standing in my closet for a good ten minutes, frantically trying to figure out what to wear. Why didn’t I choose an outfit last night, you ask? Well, I had an idea in my head that I could wear this purple scarf today, but I didn’t think to match it with an outfit, and of course I struggled to find an outfit that would work with this particular scarf. I don’t have another bright scarf I could wear. I don’t have colorful hair accessories. I don’t even have colorful tights. The moral of the story? I really need to buy some clothes with bright colors!

After much frustration and many angry looks at the clock, I finally glanced upon the necklace that is showcasing my splash of color for the day. To be honest, I won this necklace as a prize at a jewelry party and it’s not really my style. It suited my needs perfectly today, however, and I’m warming up to it. I’ve managed to curb my irritated mood and salvage my day, so it worked out! And don’t worry, I already have tomorrow’s outfit planned.

Again, I apologize for the poor lighting.

White camisole, Oscar de la Renta – sold at Sam’s Club
Brown short-sleeve cardigan, Target – similar
Brown cropped pants, New York & Company – similar
Brown heels, Target – similar
Lia Sophia retired necklace

Also, what you can’t see well here is that I’m wearing new lipstick! My Mary Kay order came in last night, so I spent a good portion of time testing out my new products, especially the lipstick as I decided to foray into darker colors. I absolutely love the combination I’m wearing today – Shell lipstick with Berry Sparkle lip gloss.

This is my don't-do-the-same-pose-as-always pose

Up close and personal.

There's your damn splash of color. 🙂

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