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Boyfriend and I will be out biking around when suddenly I’ll slam on my brakes and shout, “DUCKIES!!!” Boyfriend just sighs and stops because he’s used to this. Or I’ll be driving along and see baby duckies in a nearby pond and shout, “DUCKIES!!! Hello duckies!!!!” Point of the story? I like ducks. I shout when I see baby duckies. So in a fit of adorable ducky fever, I found some duckling photos. DUCKIES!!!

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming...

You can do it!

Ducky love.

It's hard work being this cute.

Duckies in their home environment.

And onto adorable images of duckies and friends.

Duckies! Kitty!

This is SO sweet! A dog is raising a family of duckies!


I suck at DIY. No, really. I’m just not a crafty person. I’m sure that I could do if with a little practice, but I just don’t have the patience to learn to get good at it. I’m not stereotypically feminine in that respect – I hate cleaning, I don’t like sewing (although I wish I did so I could make my own clothes like the amazing Heather) – although I do like cooking. Despite the fact that I am DIY-challenged, I have found a few things recently that I want to attempt. Ha! I should make a crappy looking shirt that says “DIY-challenged.” Anyway, see below for pictures of my hopeful DIY attempts.

Photos and ideas mostly thanks to Pinterest.

Perfect shelf and mail combo.

I'm making this for my friend for Christmas. It'll take me that long.

I'm obsessed with desk organization, so this is perfect.

Saw a video on this and it actually looks incredibly easy.

Simple and kitschy.

This is the hardest of what I want to try but so gorgeous.

I suck at crocheting, but I do love stars.

Okay, I probably wouldn't actually make this, but it's pretty cool looking.

I first learned about bokeh when I was looking into doing a photography contest last fall. I never got around to doing it, so I can’t tell you if bokeh is difficult to make, but I can tell you that it’s absolutely beautiful.

First, Happy Mother’s Day! Here are a couple of pictures of myself and my lovely moms (yes, two).

Of course WordPress wouldn’t let me do them side by side. Anyway, these ladies have helped me become the person I am and I owe them more than I can say. I love my moms!!

Don’t worry, I do remember that this is a Photo Funday post. Sheesh.

I came across a blog photo scavenger hunt on Postcards from the P.P. the other day (see right sidebar) and I loved the idea so much that I decided to try it out for myself! I want to take more pictures, so hopefully this will inspire me to get out there and snap some already. For those who don’t know what a photo scavenger hunt is, it’s a game of sorts where you attempt to find the “items” on your list and then take pictures of those items. They don’t have to be items, however – they could be ideas, landscapes, you name it. I may not complete all of these, but I’ll post them as I get them.

Here is the May scavenger list:

  • a bicycle
  • a butterfly
  • a cartoon character
  • a portrait in black and white
  • a red door
  • a sign of the zodiac
  • a street light
  • an emergency vehicle
  • an interesting local building
  • something blue
  • texture
  • think vintage!

Try it out for yourself!

I have had an awful week. I’ve been incredibly sick, but couldn’t give myself a break in order to truly rest up. On top of that, my insomnia has come back at full strength, so I struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night. I think part of it is my pathetic excuse for a bed – I’m planning to get a new bed, but not for a few months. Part of it is also the cat – she wakes me up every night – but I’m hoping my roommate will find a way to keep her in his room as he’s planning to adopt her. Anyway, bad week means the pictures for today have to be something that makes me feel awesome – the ocean! Seeing a bunch of thin, gorgeous women didn’t do much for my self-confidence while searching for pictures, but you know what? I don’t care. The ocean is amazing and that’s that.

Note: All pictures are from

You knew this day would come – it’s finally time to showcase my very favorite animal, otters! Whenever I’m feeling down, without fail, these little guys lift my mood. Seriously, just finding the pictures for this post made me all happy. Sea otters are my favorite, but I like all otters. They have got to be the most playful animal on the planet and today I’m going to share some otter love with you all. I had to literally stop myself from adding pictures. Enjoy!

Look at that face! Squee!

Oh hai!

What the...?

I would die if that were me. Literally, die.

Everyone remembers this - otter love.

Psst! Hey! I gotta tell you something!

Yeah, I'm in a boot.

What's so funny?

Look I has a baby!

My colleague recommended deviantART to me and I really liked a lot of the art posted on there. The site offers a ton of categories and hierarchies, as broad as photography or digital art to as narrow as cosplay or emotive photography. This week, I’m going to highlight some of the works on there that I liked best – it should be noted that I prefer photography over most other art forms. Normally, I would comment on the pictures, but I wanted to make sure that the artists got their due credit.

"Selfportrait as a pillow" by Violator3

"Cthulhu's Day Out" by ursulav

"disco lights" by justmeandmyfashion

"Lollypop" by FlabnBone

"sakura's 2011 night of dreams" by jyoujo

"sakura 6" by nabi4

"Black Orchids" by ursulav

"shadowhunt" by MarianneHviid

What do you think? Any other pieces that you really like on deviantART?

I was lucky enough to go on a trip with my school to France right after I graduated from high school. During this trip, we visited some absolutely beautiful castles. I recently was reminded of my trip and it led me to think about my trip there. Here are a few of the castles that we saw:


Chateau de Chambord is one of the most well-known castles in France.

The gardens wrap for miles around the castle.

Chateau de Chenonceau was my very favorite castle. Looks standard here.

But it's a castle built on water. Absolutely beautiful.

Chateau d'Amboise was one of the few castles close to the community.

I love the way it drops way down off the bluff.

Versailles is obviously the most famous castle in France, for good reason.

But except for these amazing gardens, it's actually one of my least favorites.

Mont St. Michel is not really a castle, but it sure is gorgeous. The ground around it floods when the tide comes in (as seen here).

What memorable landmarks have you seen during travels?

We had a brief and horrible return of snowy, icy weather this week, but I refuse to give up on spring! In fact, I’m devoting my Photo Funday post today entirely to spring. Maybe that’ll convince it to come? 🙂


I miss vibrant, green grass.

Well, hello there!

Tulips are my very favorite kind of flower.

I wish it looked like this outside now.

Ooh. Pretty.

I love rain. This picture is perfect.

I love everything about this picture.

*Note: All photos taken from

What’s your favorite thing about spring?

Yes, I have created yet another theme. I find it calming to look at beautiful pictures, so randomly, I’m going to post lovely photos on here. Feel free to comment or share your own!

This week, in honor of daylight savings time giving me sun later at night, I’m showing sunsets. I love sunsets for a few reasons. One, they’re absolutely gorgeous with the pinks and oranges streaking through the air. Two, I love the sunset time of day. Three, I can’t imagine much better than sitting on the ocean watching the sun set. Enjoy!

*Note: All photos are from


So unbelievably pretty.

I love this - it's so interesting!

Can I be that surfer?

I love the sun streaks in the sky. So gorgeous.

I love palm trees. I love sunsets. Win.

What an ideal end to the day.

I love the way the colors are really brought out in the clouds.

I want to be here right now. Perfection.

What’s your favorite time of day?

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