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You might be aware that today is my last day in my current role. I’ve been here for 1 1/2 years of bittersweet work, but I am incredibly excited to be joining the team at my new place of employment where I’ll be a Community Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator. It will definitely be a challenging role, especially since I feel a bit rusty, but I’m really looking forward to seeing what we can do together to build awareness for the organization. Anyway, since it’s my last day here, I wanted to spend today’s Truth Thursday contemplating some lessons I’ve learned about work and life.

1. Never sacrifice your own well-being for a job for any reason – Being one who’s never had a lot of money, I’ve been well-accustomed to working multiple jobs to make ends meet. In school, for instance, I once worked three jobs while going to school full time. After school, I also had periods where I worked multiple jobs, and more recently, had days where I went straight from one job to another. Working like this can earn you more money, but I found it significantly diminished my happiness. Nothing, not even money, is a worthwhile enough reason to work yourself to death.

2. Maintain a strong work-life balance – You will hear me proclaim this a lot. I am a huge proponent of work-life balance. While I enjoy working and would work even if I didn’t need to, work-life balance is incredibly important to me as well. I find that it’s a refreshing way to enjoy more of life and still stay connected to my work, which helps me enjoy both aspects of life more thoroughly. And while I want to enjoy my career and the work that I do, it’s unrealistic to expect that my career will give me absolute happiness. Only having a life outside of work can balance out the two sufficiently.

3. Never stop trying to find a career you enjoy – Will I ever find a career that I love? Maybe, maybe not. But I do think it’s realistic to expect that I can find a career I enjoy – even if that means that I try out a few career paths before I settle into one. I haven’t become a veterinarian, an actor, a pastor, an event planner, or a PR gal, but I have taken pieces of each of those roles that I enjoy and try to incorporate those aspects into my work. It is never worthwhile to be stuck in a job that you hate or that makes you feel bad about yourself. It is worth dedicating time and effort into finding a fulfilling job you enjoy.

4. Seize smart opportunities whenever they come your way – Obviously I’m not telling you to make bad decisions, but don’t pass up exciting opportunities just because they seem a little risky. I purposely do not have a solid plan for the next five years because I don’t want to feel stuck on my own set path. I would much rather be open to anything that comes my way, and then I can decide from there if it’s a worthwhile opportunity at that time.

5. Keep your work comrades close – We spend 1/3 of our working years with our coworkers, but many of us know almost nothing about them. Studies have shown that people who have good relationships with their coworkers enjoy work more and work in a more positive environment. I myself have garnered some great relationships thanks to my work at various companies, and many times, these coworkers helped me survive. Try to build close connections with worthwhile comrades and then keep them around if you do leave the company. You won’t be sorry.

What have you learned in regards to work and life?


This week’s Truth Thursday is on things that make me happy – a bit simple, yes, but absolutely essential. Whenever I’m down, these things have the power to bring me back up.

1. Otters – I had a rough weekend last weekend for no extreme reason. When boyfriend noticed me getting sad, he entered “otters” or “curious otters” into the Google Images and pulled up a picture. Immediately, I lit up. He also posted a picture of a mama otter on my FB wall this week, and last week, he randomly changed my desktop picture to an otter. Boyfriend knows me well. Anyway, the point of all this otter picture rhetoric is that I FREAKING LOVE OTTERS. Although if you didn’t already know that, you probably haven’t been reading my blog.

I should not have looked up otters at work. Cannot...contain...squees...

2. Berries – I love most fruit, but I especially love berries. Strawberries and raspberries are some of my very favorite foods. I have been known to purchase 2 lbs. of strawberries and go through them in less than 48 hours. I would say the same about raspberries except that they’re so expensive that I’ve never tried. I also love a lot of food with strawberries and raspberries, like pancakes with strawberries on top. Yum. Okay, I’ve made myself hungry. Moving on.

Oh. My. God. What are you and why are you not here in front of me?

3. Farmers markets – I knew about farmers markets way back when. I didn’t really go that often, but they seemed pretty cool. When I moved out to California, however, I truly discovered the joy of farmers markets. California has these markets everywhere year round and the locals present the most amazing food. You have to pick and choose what you get – some are overpriced or picked over – but you can almost always walk away with some great, tasty finds. I cannot wait until my city’s farmer’s market opens up next week! Damn Minnesota and its winter ruining my farmers markets.

4. Thunderstorms – I love thunderstorms. I like rain in general, and I sure love sunshine, but nothing beats a good thunderstorm. There’s just nothing like waking up to the sound of rain. I usually open my window or my patio door when it’s raining at night just so I can hear it. Any water sound is calming to me, but particularly rain does the trick. I do NOT like tornadoes, however – they scare the hell out of me. Sending good thoughts to the people in north Minneapolis, Missouri, and Kansas right now.

5. Finishing a good book – Reading a good book is great, absolutely. But finishing a good book? Only that can give you the mixed feelings of satisfaction, sadness, loss, joy, fulfillment, and confusion about the mixed feelings in general. After I finished reading “The Time Traveler’s Wife,” for instance, I cried for at least 15 minutes and could not shake my mood for the rest of the day. Something in that book resonated with me, and that’s pretty powerful.

What simple things make you happy?

Ever hear those crazy people who claim to have the cure for this or know the absolute answer to that? I’m one of those crazies today. You may notice that each item pertains to a different part of life. I planned that. Here are my secrets to some of the world’s most common plaguing problems:

My secret to…quelling job interview nerves: I blare music in the car and sing as loud as possible on my way to the interview. For some reason, singing has a tendency to calm me down or release energy. Plus you get the chance to rock out, and that’s always a good time. As much as I love public transportation, that’s one of the upsides to owning a car – it’s quite a bit awkward when you start belting out music on the subway.

My secret to…curing hiccups: Two words – lemon juice. I know everyone has all these various methods to cure hiccups and “they work absolutely every single time” for some people and not at all for the rest of society, but drinking lemon juice straight has almost always worked for me. The rare time it failed, I drank water upside-down on stairs and that worked. Of course, there were…repercussions to that one.

My secret to…not overspending at the store: I actually have two ways to combat overspending. I used to spend way too much money, and truthfully, I still do. But I maintain a strict budget that allows me to monitor my spending, so I’ve gotten better about it. That’s not my secret, though. When I started my budget, I realized I had to find ways to avoid spending so much money on things I didn’t need, so I incorporated two rules. First, if I’m not sure on the purchase, I’ll wait three days before buying it. If I really like it, I’ll still be thinking about it three days later. Second, I put it in my cart and walk around the store with it for at least half an hour. By then, I’ve either convinced myself it’s not necessary or it’s a worthwhile purchase.

My secret to…getting rid of that annoying stranger: Lily Allen was right – there are times that someone comes up to you while you’re out for the night or even just out and about and you just cannot get rid of them. It doesn’t matter how many times you say you’re not interested, you’re not available, etc., they stick on you like white on rice. How do you get rid of them? This one requires a friend. When all else fails, grab your friend and start talking to her/him instead. It’s rude, yes, but not as rude as forcing your conversation on someone who has repeatedly said they aren’t interested.

My secret to…getting to places on time: I’m the one who’s always late. Or I was, until I started incorporating my secret into my life. I set all of my key clocks ahead 10-15 minutes. Okay, it’s not a secret, but it really does work. Even though I know that my clocks are set ahead, I somehow always manage to get to where I need to be on time. It’s always fun when you can trick your own brain.

What are your surefire answers to life’s common plagues?

Everyone has things they can’t seem to finish. You know you do. Don’t lie. For whatever reason, we get started on something – be it a puzzle, a knitted scarf, a car we’re putting together, half and half in the fridge – and we just cannot for the life of us finish it. Such as…

1. I cannot finish my coffee before it gets cold – To be fair, this is relevant really only when I’m working or busy. I’m not sure if I just get focused on other things and forget about my coffee. I do take sips fairly frequently. Perhaps it’s the big cup that I use at work. That’s it! I’ll blame the cup.'s bigger than it looks.

2. I cannot use up a tube of lipstick – I think this is because I like to switch up my lipstick colors on a daily basis. Seriously, you should see my makeup drawer. It’s a bit much. That’s what happens when you sell Mary Kay. Anyway, I have probably 10 various shades of lipstick or glosses, especially now that I’ve started branching out into darker, bolder colors. At least I’ll never run out.

I don't put lipstick on this way. Also, I don't have a beard.

3. I cannot get through a tub of sour cream before it expires – This one stumps me. I used to buy the regular-sized tubs, but I didn’t finish them. So I bought the smaller-sized tubs, but I couldn’t finish that up either. Now I just buy whatever is cheaper and hope to use as much as possible. Why do I buy it if I barely use it, you ask? Well, dear readers, I have this condition where I must have sour cream with my baked potatoes and my tacos. It’s just a part of the meal.

It's the topper with the mostest! Wait, that's not right.

4. I cannot get through pens before I lose them – This one may sound weird, but I hoard my pens. It comes from years of serving and bartending – believe me, do not steal a server’s pen. Unless you didn’t tip him or her, in which case s/he already hates you. Nowadays, I have a huge bucket of pens, markers, and highlighters sitting on my desk, so I think people feel like they can randomly steal my pens. Rage! No stealing! Ooh, there’s a thought.

I won't actually do this. Also, I am not pleased with my camera and its lack of sharpness.

5. I cannot finish Grandma’s flower puzzle – I have a very good reason for this. The puzzle is a BEAST. It’s only 750 pieces, but it’s almost entirely one yellow flower. Think this, but the flower is all yellow.


There. It looks like that.

What are you unable to finish?

Last week, I posted about weird smells I like. This week, I’m branching out a bit and posting about weird things I hate. Everyone has weird things they hate. Things that other people are perfectly content with drive others absolutely bonkers. For example, I have no problem with the sound of nails on a chalkboard, but I know people who can’t be in the same room as that noise. Here are some of the things that I hate:

1. Cough drops – I HATE cough drops. I can’t stand the smell of them. Seriously, if someone around me is sucking on one and I can smell it, I move away. I think there’s a reason for this beyond their foul smell and taste. Many years ago, I had a nasty cold and took three Ricola Cherry Honey cough drops. Very soon after, I started throwing up. That pretty much sealed the deal on my hatred of cough drops. Except Ludens, they’re like candy!

I hate cough drops too, but I wouldn't urinate on them.

2. Sound of metal scraping against glass – I can handle nails on a chalkboard, but this is the sound that makes me cringe. What do I mean by metal scraping on glass? Think about a glass ketchup bottle. You tap on the side. Nothing comes out. You tap on the bottom. Nothing comes out. You pound on the bottom. A drop of ketchup comes out. Finally you give up and grab a knife to coax the ketchup out of its glass dungeon. What inevitably happens? The knife scrapes against the side of the bottle, making a sound that only demons must make. I will forever be a fan of the squeeze bottle.

You know he's going for the knife next.

3. Sound of people chewing – Watching people eat is so sexy, right? No. No, it’s not. Watching people eat is not really sexy, but hearing people chew is definitely not sexy. Hearing people masticate is awful. Usually it doesn’t bother me that much, but there are some days that I have to put on headphones in order to not hear the chawp-chawp-chawp of jaws. Blarf.

This is so revolting that I hesitated to post it.

4. Greasy lotion – This is one that most people hate, I’m sure, but I won’t use lotion that makes my hands feel greasy. I have this desire to keep my hands clean – I don’t really garden, I don’t like fixing cars, etc. – so when I lotion up my hands to help moisturize them, I want them to feel moisturized, not like I stuck my hands in a vat of oil. I’ve gotten quite particular about what lotion I buy as a result.

This lotion is worth every penny.

5. Girl Scout cookies – I saved this one for last because if you’re still reading, I’ve probably brought the wrath of God down on myself. I don’t like Girl Scout cookies. To be fair, I don’t hate them and I don’t dislike all of them. But I certainly don’t wait impatiently for them to come out every year or see them and just have to get them. I could care less about them. And I don’t like mint, so I hate everyone’s favorite flavor. I also only like soft, fresh cookies and almost all of the Girl Scout cookies are hard. My tastebuds are rebels.

Okay, okay, I'll buy them! Yikes.

What weird things do you hate?

Ever have those weird smells that you love? The ones where other people look at you like you’re crazy when you mention that you like them? Today, I’m going to list some of my favorites. Some of these smells probably aren’t even weird to you – you may even enjoy them, too! Regardless, I love these smells:

1. Fresh cut grass – This is probably the most common “weird” smell that people like. In fact, who doesn’t like the smell of fresh cut grass? It’s like an automatic reminder of gorgeous weather (usually). Even the grass flavor of Bertie Botts Every Flavor Harry Potter jelly beans tastes good! As well it should, since grass smells so damn good. Environmentally related, I also love the smell before/during/after it rains. I love rain.

I also love how vibrant grass looks.

2. Gasoline – I’m surprised by how many people also like the smell of gasoline. Now I’m not saying that I get out of my car at gas stations and take a deep breath of fumes – I just don’t avoid the smell. I don’t know why I like the smell of gasoline. There are a few similar smells that I don’t hate, such as sulfur. I don’t love them, but I certainly don’t hate them, either. Anyone in this boat with me?

Not a fan of gas prices, though.

3. New books – To be fair, I think this has more to do with enjoying new books than it does for the specific smell of new books, but regardless, I like that smell. The smell of new books immediately makes me think of opening a brand new book – with all of the anticipation that a new book brings – and settling down for a good read. Strangely, I don’t care much for the smell of old books. I’m not sure why – it just doesn’t bring the same tingle of anticipation as new books do.

How I love thee, books.

4. The ocean – More specifically, salt water air. I think this stems more from my deep love of the ocean (and northern California) than it does for my love of salt water. Whenever I visit, when I step out of the airport – and get away from the car fumes – I immediately take in a deep breath of salty ocean air. Even in South San Francisco (inland from the ocean, but bordering the San Francisco Bay), the ocean air is distinct. It immediately reminds me of where I am – and it’s the perfect start to my time in California.

*sniff*sniff* Ahhh...

5. Pools – Speaking of water, the smell of the pool with its chlorinated water has to be on my list. I’m not sure why. When I think of the pool, I think of kids, tanners, and general disarray. But despite all that, I love the pool. I love swimming, even if I’m not that good at it and feel awkward in a bathing suit. I also prefer feeling clean, and despite the peeing in the pool issue, I feel like pools are cleaner than lakes or rivers. I just love water in general. Let’s chalk it up to that.

I want this pool. Seriously.

What weird smells do you like?

I have to admit, I’ve been having an off week. I haven’t had a bad week and there hasn’t been anything to cause a bad week – I’ve just been feeling down on myself and super self-conscious. In an attempt to start generate some positive thinking, I wanted to share five random things for which I’m grateful:

1. Crossword puzzles and word games – Yes, I am a dork because word puzzles were the first thing I mentioned. I’m one of those people who will spend $6.00 and buy Penny Press’ huge book of variety word puzzles. In fact, I did a few puzzles out of that book last night. I’m a proud cruciverbalist and logophile. Want to hear something sweet? My boyfriend designed two unique crossword puzzles for me for our anti-Valentine’s gift. Awww. 🙂

They're never this easy.

2. Tulips – I love tulips. Ask my boyfriend – when I see them in stores, I always stop and get this goofy little smile on my face. He doesn’t understand the appeal of buying something that’s just going to die, but it’s more about the way their beauty makes me feel while they’re alive. What’s weird is tulips weren’t always my favorite flower (asiatic white lilies, now my second favorite, were tops a few years ago). I finally really noticed a red tulip and something in me (probably the classical part) clicked. Thankfully the owners of our house planted tulip bulbs before I moved in, so I get my fix each year. And they’re starting to come in now!

I can't wait to have some in my house!

3. Tissues – Whoever invented tissues should have been given the Nobel prize. Seriously, tissues get me through the day. I’m not sure if I’m slightly allergic to cats or if I’ve just gotten to the point when I’m a little snuffly, but every morning I use tissues, especially after I brush my teeth (weird, right?). Because of this, I buy the tissues with lotion. Strangely, I haven’t been sick in over a year (hopefully I didn’t just jinx that). I attribute that to working out and taking vitamins, but who knows? Maybe it’s the tissues!

I wouldn't be able to use these tissues, though. Too cute!

4. Banana cake with cream cheese frosting – This one is more random than you think. I did a secret shop at a casino recently and scored a piece of banana cake in their buffet – holy cow, did I fall in love! Something about the lightness of the cake combined with the sweet of the cream cheese frosting. In fact, I’m planning on making my own version tonight to bring to a family dinner tomorrow night. This one may not last, but right now, I’m definitely grateful for banana cake.

I wish I had taken that bite. Yum.

5. Cat toys – Only cat owners will understand this. I’ve gotten to the point where I wear earplugs every night so that my two-year spunky cat hopefully won’t wake me up at 5 a.m. when she’s decided that it’s time to play. If it weren’t for her toys, which are sparkly because she’s deaf (she likes shiny as opposed to jingly), she would tear apart my room in search of “toys” (aka whatever she can get her naughty little paws on). She particularly likes to destroy puzzle books, catalogs, hair clips, pens, wrapping paper, and cords. Thank the heavens for sparkly kitty toys.

She looks so innocent. Deceptive.

What random things are you grateful for? How do to pick yourself up when you’re feeling down?

Do you ever have those restaurants where you order the same meal every time? This week’s Truth Thursday is dedicated to those delicious meals of mine:

1. The Cheesecake Factory: Sheila’s Cashew Chicken Salad – This salad started my love affair with cilantro. I crave this salad on random occasions. It has the perfect combination of smoky citrus-honey-peanut vinaigrette, cilantro, and tortilla strip crispies. I usually hate vinaigrette, but I cannot get enough of the way this mixes with the salad. If they ever take it off the menu, I may have to go into the kitchen and demand to know the recipe. I almost always order Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake as well. Yummmm.

Heaven in a bowl. Minus the dim lighting.

2. Jensen’s Cafe: Eggs Benedict – If you’ve never been to Jensen’s Cafe and you live in Minnesota, you MUST GO. It’s hands-down the best breakfast spot in town. Despite the fact that all of their breakfast food is amazing – especially their maple syrup, which is laced with vanilla or crack or something – I always get their eggs benedict, or Cafe Benedict as they call it, only with sausage instead of Canadian bacon. The initially-weird-sounding-but-crucial-and-amazing difference? They use a pancake instead of an English muffin. Amazing. Oh, man. Now I want to eat there.


3. Perkins: French Toast – Speaking of breakfast, I have another breakfast must-have. Perkins was once upon a time my favorite restaurant, even though it’s basically a slightly higher-class Denny’s. Their breakfast, however, is always delicious (that and their Chicken Crisp Melt) – but I almost always end up getting french toast. Perkins’ French Toast is the reason I fell in love with french toast. My boyfriend and I almost always go to Perkins when I’m visiting him because he knows that if I can have breakfast out, I’m going to want my french toast.

I had these last week. Heavenly.

4. Applebees: Wonton Tacos – I used to avoid Asian food, but my friend ordered these one night and I was curious to see if they were any good. Oh. My. God. Cilantro and Asian slaw heaven. I definitely prefer the chicken option (there’s also a pork option), but both are good. Certainly not a healthy appetizer and I certainly don’t give a damn – they are that good.

Crunch, crunch, love.

5. Kinhdo Restaurant: Chicken with Potatoes – As I mentioned before, I used to avoid Asian food. I have picky tastes and I never liked Asian flavors (sweet with meat? nahhh.), but now I’m starting to love some Asian tastes. I particularly love this dish – it’s chicken and thin-sliced fried potatoes tossed in a peanut sauce. It’s also certainly not healthy, but then again, nothing on this list has been particularly healthy. Besides, what fun is that?

Sorry about the bad picture - its hard to get good lighting in restaurants at night.

What dishes do you HAVE to order when you go out?

I decided to steal the lovely Kate’s theme from last week and do this week on rituals. Well, I was going to, and then it kind of snowballed into routines, which is quite similar, right? …right? Well, I suppose this is my routines/rituals post, then.

1. My morning routine – When I get ready for the day, I have the same routine. I might not do the routine immediately if it’s a day off, but if I leave the house, chances are that I’ll be getting ready at some point. If it’s a work day, I do it immediately, so let’s presume it’s a work day: After I turn off my alarm, the first thing I do is love on the kitty (kitty likes to wake up at 6 a.m., but she doesn’t get love until 6:45 a.m. when I wake up). Then I get dressed, go to the bathroom, and feed kitty in random order. Then the real routine starts. I – in this order – brush my hair, brush my teeth, wash my face, pop my birth control pill, get rid of remaining eye makeup that has decorated my undereyes overnight, put on face lotion, put on deodorant, spray perfume, put on makeup, and put on jewelry. Even my makeup has its own order, although this is more for long-lasting hold: Foundation, eye primer (if used), blush, highlighting shadow, eyeshadows, eyeliner, loose powder, mascara, chapstick, lipstick. It’s a routine.

I haven't tried that yet.

2. My get-into-work routine – I have another morning routine – when I get to work, I have a fairly consistent routine. I’m always always the first person in, so I unlock the door, turn on the light, and lock the door behind me (policy). I put my stuff down, take off my coat, turn on my computer, and take my lunch into the back. I put my lunch away, start brewing coffee, and prep my cup with cream. I come back out to my desk, get settled in, and at some point go get my coffee. Occasionally I’ll run out of time at home, so I’ll bring breakfast in. It’s a fairly basic routine that I imagine most people do.

3. Eat food one at a time – Again, I’ve heard of many people eating this way. When I eat a main meal with a few different foods on my plate, I tend to eat one food at a time. As in I’ll eat broccolibroccolbroccoli chickenchickenchickenchicken rice chicken ricericericericerice. I don’t do it intentionally. It’s probably part of the reason that I finish my food so quickly. I also don’t usually think about my food while I’m eating it, which is something I should probably work on. Also, I don’t always eat in this order. I think I’ll get better about eating more intentionally.

I would mix my food, but this would happen and I wouldn't be able to eat at all.

4. My exercise routine – Granted, I haven’t been able to go to the gym for pretty much three months (speech sucked up all of my free time so I froze my account), but I get to start going again! I’m thinking Wednesday. And when I get there, I will warm up for five minutes with a walk/jog on the treadmill, then stretch, then do weight lifting starting with arms, then abs, then legs, then do a cardio. I’m also hoping to up my cardio workouts so that I’ll really exhausting myself. It shouldn’t be too hard – I went for a (at least) 10 mile bike ride with my boyfriend yesterday and I was incredibly exhausted. Out of shape!

5. Listen to a new song or CD again and again until I get sick of it – I don’t listen to the radio. When I’m in the car, I’m always playing music, but I use my iPod, or when that dies, I suffer with a CD that I’m not really into. When I discover new music, therefore, I tend to go a little crazy on it. As in, I listen to a song or favorite new songs on a new CD over and over and over again. Until I get sick of it. In fact, I reach a point when I know that I’m going to get sick of the song soon so I probably should stop listening to it, but I still don’t. I’m just not in the mood to listen to anything else.

I've always loved this picture.

I was going to add the ritual of going to Perkins for french toast with my boyfriend when I visit him, but we actually didn’t do this last weekend. Financial constraints are slowly making that one disappear. *tear*

What are your rituals?

Everyone has their own little things that they’re OCD about. People who are “type A” tend to have a few more than most. Here are a few of my OCDs with my “common sense” reasons:

1. All DVDs and CDs have to be facing up – This is something I’ve done for years. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a disc sleeve or the case it came with – they face up. I can tell if I put the disc back in its case simply by looking to see if it’s facing up. My reasoning? It’s easy to immediately see what disc you’re looking at. I also have all of my DVDs in order of genre, and yes, I put a movie back if it’s not in its proper place.

Ahhh, yes. Order.

2. Dishes should be in their rightful place – I love my roommates, but I find dishes in random spots around our kitchen, or worse, right next to where they should go, and it drives me nuts. I’ll admit, this is an OCD of mine and I feel a little bad for my roommates for having to deal with me for it. But to me, it’s like why wouldn’t you put it back where it should go so it’s always there when you need it (unless it’s dirty, and then you know it’s dirty)? I’ve considered making myself the only person to put dishes away (seriously) but I always realize that I’m freaking out about nothing before I do.

Dear God, why??

3. Books I own have to be in the same format – I was talking with Kate about this and thankfully, someone else out there agrees. If I’m going to own a series, they are all going to be in the same format (hardcover, trade paperback, or mass market paperback). For example, I have waited for over a year to buy the final book in the Millenium trilogy because I have the first two books in trade paperback and therefore, the last book needs to be in trade paperback. I prefer reading trade paperback, but I prefer buying the series I’m devoted to in hardcover. Here is an example of my extreme feelings about this: I decided to buy the Twilight series. I got the second book in trade paperback, then was given the third book in hardcover. I eventually got the first and fourth in hardcover, so I had a complete series, right? Wrong. I sold the second trade paperback version and bought a hardcover version. I admit, there is no common sense reason for this – it’s just weird.

Hardcover rocks.

4. Everything in my closet has a specific order – In case you haven’t given up on me yet, here’s another weird OCD habit of mine. My closet is highly organized by style and color. My dresses and suit jackets are in one area, my casual shirts are next to my dress shirts, and my jeans and work pants are in the same area. Beyond that, my clothes are arranged according to color within these regions. My boyfriend thinks it’s ludicrous, I think it’s incredibly efficient. I always know where every item of clothing is.


This is just half of my closet. Best part of this house.

5. I recycle everything – I’m a crazy recycler. I recycle everything I can and a little of what I can’t. It honestly really irritates me when people don’t bother recycling when they easily could. It actually makes me angry. It takes so little work to recycle. If I have a can of soda out somewhere and there’s not a recycling bin around, you bet your buttered biscuit that I will bring it home to recycle it. I will pick something out of the trash (if it’s on top and not gross) to recycle it. This stems more from overall guilt of killing the environment than anything. It feels good to know that I’m doing my part to help conserve resources. I’m an extreme case, but it takes so little to recycle.

I blame my extreme recycling on my roommate in New York.

What are your obsessive tendencies?

*Note in reply to comments: I know I don’t have OCD or even really OCD tendencies. I just really like being organized. 🙂

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