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It took me forever to think of a song that suited me this morning – in fact, I couldn’t. I flipped through song after song on my iPod while driving this morning and ended up at work without having really listened to anything. Why do I have a song posted then, you ask? This song is always a good song, even if you’re not in the mood for…well, anything.

Bonobo “Sugar Rhyme”


Watch out, folks – we’re about to have a spree of TV Tuesday posts about couples. This week, I’m starting off with an easy one – best romances on TV. If you’re interested in more TV posts about couples, check out Kate’s post on Ten Couples That Need to Happen (inspiration for next week’s blog – stay tuned!) or Ten Couples That Should Have Never Existed (two weeks from now). In case you’re wondering why I’m stealing her ideas, we talked over these blogs together. πŸ™‚ Without further ado, the ten best couples on TV – forewarning: this post may be some spoilers.

10. Chuck and Sara – I haven’t watched Chuck in a while (too long, really), but how could you not love Chuck and Sara together? From the beginning, we were rooting for those two to get together. It took until the third season for Sara to finally let her guard down, but they’re a great match now and belong on this list. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Zachary Levi is absolutely adorable.

9. Sally and Patrick – If you’ve seen Coupling – the BBC version, of course – you may be wondering why I didn’t choose Steve and Susan since they’ve been together from the start of the series. The couple I always anticipated, however, was Sally and Patrick. Patrick is a player and Sally is superficial, but together, they just work perfectly. By the third season, both have mellowed out a bit and it’s obvious that they want to be together. And when Patrick finally admits his feelings to Sally (and himself), I cry a little. They’re lovely.

8. Grissom and Sara – This is another couple that I rooted for that finally got together. Their growing attraction on CSI is obvious, but Grissom (who is smart about everything but relationships, I swear) keeps holding off, even after Sara has admitted her feelings to him. He finally gives in to his feelings, but all is well for only a short time because Sara ends up being no longer able to do criminology and has to leave (due to an event I won’t spoil). Thankfully, when Grissom leaves (aka when I stopped watching the show), he goes to meet up with Sara. That’s the only acceptable ending.

7. Kurt and Blaine – Who hasn’t been pining for these two to get together on Glee? Especially after all of the struggles that Kurt has faced because he’s openly gay, he deserves to be with someone who appreciates and encourages who he is. Blaine is the perfect person for that – he’s already Kurt’s best friend. When they finally kissed, I squeed a little. Plus Darren Criss is freaking adorable, so that doesn’t hurt.

6. Kris and Junior – Have I mentioned how much I love Junior from Wildfire? Well, I’m going to mention it again because he’s amazing. He’s definitely not the character he seems to be in the beginning of the series. Junior and Kris make an interesting couple because they seem so different – Junior comes from money, Kris was in prison for two years – but despite all that, they make an ideal couple. Their relationship is on and off for a few years, but finally they realize what we already know – that they’re perfect for each other – and get together for good. Every time I see the final episode where they get married, I cry. Every time.

5. Buffy and Spike – Of course Buffy and Spike are on this list. They make an interesting team on Buffy, but what I find even more interesting is what their relationship says about their individual characters. Buffy ends up sleeping with and leading on Spike throughout the sixth season, which shows just how painful it was to come back to life. Spike doesn’t have a soul, but is deeply in love with Buffy and changes his entire existence to prove it – he fights to get a soul and sacrifices himself in the final episode of the series. Don’t worry, he comes back in Angel.

4. Buffy and Angel – Kate is going to have something to say about this one – she hates Angel. I, however, fall with the larger crowd who thinks that Buffy and Angel belong together. It’s obvious in both Buffy and Angel that they know they’re soulmates, despite the other relationships that they get involved in. They both feel a pull towards the other person that they can’t resist – in fact, that’s why Angel leaves Buffy in season 3. I know they come back together in season 8 (comic book series) of Buffy, so I have to get my hands on that and see how they play out.

3. Carrie and Big – This may draw a mixed reaction since many people don’t like Carrie and Big on Sex and the City. In the beginning, this is justified – Big is an ass and Carrie panders to him. It shows a side of her character that is needy and too self-sacrificing. Their transformation, however, is why I think they belong together. Carrie learns to fight for what she needs and not accept the bare minimum, and Big learns how to truly sacrifice and support his partner in relationships. In the end, when he gets the ladies’ blessing and goes to France to find Carrie, I cry. It seems I always cry when these long-awaited couples get together, don’t I?

2. Rachel and Ross – I almost made Rachel and Ross from Friends top this list, but I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of Ross. Do he and Rachel belong together? Absolutely. Do I love his character? Nope, I don’t. The on-and-off nature of their relationship would be annoying if it weren’t for the fact that they should be together. Between the heat of their first romance and the friendship that they build through years of separation, they suit each other perfectly.

1. Chandler and Monica – To be honest, Chandler and Monica were originally on my list of honorable mentions. When I started thinking about it, though, I realized that their relationship on Friends made me laugh and cry much more than any other relationship on that show. They’re just perfectly suited for one another. Chandler’s goofiness tones down Monica’s anal nature, and Monica can keep Chandler on track. Their pairing in London – and all of the drama afterwards – was perfect because we didn’t fully realize how great they would be for each other until that moment. The episode where Monica proposes to Chandler, of course, makes me cry. Besides, I adore Matthew Perry.

Once again, embedding was disabled. Sad face. Check out the link!

TOW where everybody finds out:

Honorable mentions: Willow and Tara from Buffy, Miranda and Steve from Sex and the City, Carrie and Aidan from Sex and the City, Charlotte and Harry from Sex and the City, Samantha and Smith from Sex and the City, Corey and Topanga from Boy Meets World

What is your favorite couple on TV?

No trip-hop today – today’s song is by industrial rockers kidneythieves. You should probably know early on that I have a deep weakness for female singers/songwriters – Free Dominguez is one of the leaders and lead singer of kidneythieves and I especially love female rockers. Most of you probably won’t know kidneythieves by name, but you might recognize their song “Before I’m Dead” from the Queen of the Damned soundtrack. This, however, is my favorite song of theirs.

kidneythieves “Placebo”

I don’t really believe in astrology, not in the cheesy stereotypical sense anyway. I do think that certain people could have similar characteristics simply because the planets would be in similar alignments at that time – however, that’s pretty subjective. Where I do find some validity is in the idea of the elements. I’m a water sign. I’ve ALWAYS been a water baby. I love the water. I like to just sit by the ocean and watch the waves come in. That sound is so relaxing to me.

Yeah, that’s me.

Ooh, that’s pretty. Let’s have another!


Oh, yeah. Anyway, I’m drawn to water. But it goes beyond that. I do actually encompass many of the water element traits. Water signs are emotional (ha – you think?), empathic (more than you know), don’t do well with confinement, caring, artistic, overly fantasize, sensitive. That’s me in a wordy nutshell! Water is movable. A quote from Memoirs of a Geisha sums it up well: “Water can carve its way through stone. And when trapped, water makes a new path.”

Interestingly, my boyfriend has similar feelings about astrology and the elements. He’s an earth sign, so he’s down-to-earth, grounded, skeptical, realistic, and introverted. What makes it really interesting (my thoughts, not his) is that he falls on the edge of an astrological sign (earth and air) and he’s bipolar, so he doesn’t always follow the earthly characteristics. For example, he’s not self-assured when he’s depressed (who is?). Overall, though, he stays pretty true to earth.

Perhaps our mixture is why we feel content with moving to California – I get my ocean and he has the mountains nearby. Truthfully, we’re not drawn to those elements in life – he doesn’t feel very safe with large amounts of water and, although they’re beautiful, I’m not moved by mountains like I am by water. In our element signs, however, we balance each other out – he helps me stay grounded when my emotions overrun me and my empathy allows me to know when he needs me. So maybe there is something to this astrological element thing after all.

Let’s have one last picture.



I have to admit, I’m really tired today. I’ve been at work or at school for speech practices all week and haven’t gotten enough sleep. On days like this, when I don’t have much to do at work and I’m fighting to stay awake, I like to perk myself up by thinking about things that I love at that moment. I know it’s cheesy, but you’d be surprised at how well it works! Possibly due to the fact that it causes (and allows for) persistent daydreaming.

1) Otters. Like you didn’t know this about me already.


2) Getting adjusted at the chiropractor’s office.

My out-of-place neck is often the cause of headaches for me, so getting it readjusted and applying ice packs feels heaven-sent.

3) Lakeville North High School Speech kids.

I’m sure the kids from other teams are wonderful, too, but the kids at LNHS are some of the most dedicated, hardworking, and genuinely friendly people out there. I love working with them!! Here’s an example of a 2009 Nationals duo piece performed by Lakeville North speech kids. Tell me you’re not amazed at the performance of these two!

4) Three-day weekends.

You can bet your buttered biscuit butt that I’m sleeping in! This weekend will be my first real three-day weekend in probably over a year, excepting vacations/trips to Winona. Needless to say, I’m excited.

5) Vanilla lattΓ©s.

Surprisingly, vanilla lattΓ©s are not my favorite drink. They’re not even my favorite coffee drink, but for some reason, I’ve been craving one for about a week. I think I’ll splurge tomorrow when I have to get up early for a speech training.

What five things do you love today?

I found an interesting article today regarding leadership lessons we can learn from Rep. Giffords’ shooting. I guess there should be something positive to take away from all of the horror and sadness surrounding this.

My boyfriend and I went on a baking bonanza this weekend. You may have read about our Sweet Potato Cupcake party a couple of weeks ago – we decided to continue the cupcake train and try Chai Tea Latte cupcakes (from this great blog) with Ginger Buttercream (separate recipe).

Well, they didn’t look like that. Or taste like spicy-yet-sweet chai. They looked more like this:

Only 10x more moist. They were actually quite good on their own. They tasted like a way-better-than-vanilla vanilla cupcake. In fact, my boyfriend, who isn’t a foodie in the slightest, could not get enough of these cupcakes. So overall, recommended!

Those of you who know me know that I’ve flirted with blogging for years, but always let it fall to the wayside. WordPress understands this and is issuing a challenge to blog once a day or once a week. As an attempt to keep it up, I’m going to commit to blogging (at least) once a week. Want to join me? Let me know and we’ll motivate each other!

Here’s my version of a #FF (Follow Friday on Twitter, for you non-Tweeters) – aka ways to waste time at work:

1. I’ve shared this before, but it’s just too damn funny not to share again. DYAC makes me want to get a smartphone just to have these horrifying experiences.

2. Everyone knows it, but who doesn’t love seeing random kitty pictures? Plus they have a kajillion other pieces to their site, including Puns, daily Squee!,Β  and the FAIL Blog.

3. Facebook/Twitter: I feel lame for even listing those, but they do include a good portion of my time-wasting efforts.

4. Other blogs: Hyperbole and a Half – Newfound treasure that reminds me of David Sedaris in blog form. Spastic Musings is a mixed-bag of goodies. See Jane Run…the Show is a good feminista blog. I’ll add others to my blogroll as the time comes.

And the top time-waster…

5. Like you thought I wouldn’t put this on there. The ultimate sarcasm site? Come on.


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