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Every Saturday, I’m going to post five sentence prompts, complete with answers. The reason for this? Lately (or for a year), I’ve been feeling silenced by others. My opinions don’t need to be heard, I’m too young/uneducated/fat/dorky/name-your-untrue-bullshit-reason to listen to. Realizing that got me thinking – I need to start speaking up about my wants and needs and hopes if I want to actually achieve my goals. We all do. Thus, Weekend Reflection was born. The questions will vary with each post, but two prompts will always be included: I want… and I need

Without further ado, here are the first five prompts:

1. I want… to feel like I’m being heard. To appreciate my body. To immediately focus on positives. To go shopping and find a plethora of great, inexpensive items.

2. I need… to have a voice.

3. I’m craving… Coke from the fountain. Not gonna lie.

4. I deserve… to feel safe and respected, just like every other person.

5. I’m going to take care of myself today by… focusing on thinking positively. I’ve been trying to incorporate positive thinking into my lifestyle more and today is a great day to start!

I encourage you to answer these questions on your own blog/Twitter/Facebook! You can say as much or as little as you like for each prompt – the goal is for you to find your voice. Sign up below to add your link – don’t forget to check out the other responses!

*Note: This is my first time testing out Mister Linky, so I apologize if it’s inconvenient. Please feel free to leave a comment if anything does not work so I can address the issue.


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