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Today’s FBFF is all about hair care! Since getting my hair cut, I’ve unfortunately had to spend a slight bit of more time and effort with it. It’s worth the effort, definitely, but I can’t just brush it and go anymore. Probably a good thing.

1. How often do you get your hair cut? Not very often, actually. It’s not that I don’t enjoy getting my hair cut – on the contrary, I love the feeling of a new haircut. It’s just that a haircut is pretty expensive for me and I have to budget carefully in order to make sure that I can afford it. Now that I have a new job – especially since it’s one that basically requires me to be the face of the company – I’ll likely go in more often to get it cut or trimmed up.

2. Do you go to the same stylist each time, try someone new, go to the cheap hair cutting chains or live it up in a salon? I always, always, always go to my stylist. You know how people say that it’s near impossible to find the right stylist? I found mine back in college thanks to my wonderful college roommate. Even though we have different types of hair, my stylist somehow always understands my hair and knows what will flatter me most. Occasionally she does a little hand-holding as well, like with my last trip there to chop off my hair.


3. Do you color your hair? How often? What’s your natural color?  I definitely color my hair. Unless I’m adding highlights, I dye it myself – something my stylist taught me, actually. My natural color is a dull light brownish color, so I like to liven it up with reds and browns, although I’ve done black (big mistake) and many blonde highlights (good if I use warm blondes) as well. My favorite and standby color is half copper red, half medium brown – it brings out a beautiful chestnut color on me. Speaking of, I should probably get on that.

4. The one thing you always do to keep your hair looking great is: I try not to damage it too much. While I do color it every few months, I always use a super deep conditioner afterwards to help it repair. I also use very little styling product in my hair, and when I do use product, I try to use decent products such as Sebastian. I use brand name shampoo and conditioner that treats my hair well. Unfortunately, I now have to blow-dry my hair every day after the shower, but I don’t dry it completely. Overall, though, I think my trick is that I understand what type of hair I have (fine, but twice as much as most people) and treat it accordingly.

5. What hair trend do you love and wish you could rock? I absolutely adore wavy curls. Think Kristin Wiig’s hair in Bridesmaids – perfect. I love, love, love the way my hair looks with curls, but it takes a sizable chunk of time to style and my hair is so stick-straight that the curls don’t hold well. Occasionally, I’ll take the plunge, but usually I won’t bother unless it’s for a special occasion. I haven’t tried curling my hair since I chopped it. Must do that.

Took an hour, lasted three.

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Today’s FBFF strays a bit from the norm – instead of answering question prompts, bloggers are writing about their top blogging pet peeves. By no means do I wish to offend anybody with this list. I certainly don’t think my blog is better than anyone else’s – in fact, there are a few things that peeve me about my own blog, which will hopefully be alleviated when I buy my domain. Regardless, here are a few things that bug me when browsing blogs, along with recommendations:

Blogs cluttered with sidebar widgets/pictures/ads – I used to have a list of blogs I read on my sidebar, if you recall, but eventually it got the point where I was sharing so many that my sidebar was getting very long. I ended up removing the sharing widgets and creating a Blog Love page to share my growing list of bloggers to clean that up. I understand and respect that bloggers have many affiliations, but having outrageously long lists gets distracting and looks muddled. My recommendation: Create pages dedicated to those specific affiliation or sponsors. Giving them their own page will give them special status on your blog and they won’t get lost in the oodles of sidebar widgets.

Blogs that have typos – This may sound snobbish of me, but I was an English major in college and language is my love. I proofread all of my posts after I publish or schedule them and go back to fix any issues I may have. Granted, most of my posts are not exceedingly long, so it’s easy for me to do so. But when I’m reading through a post and see a bunch of typos, I wonder why the post didn’t get proofed. I think it’s just so natural for me to do that since I was an English major and now do a lot of editing in my work. My recommendation: Give your post a quick 2-minute glance after finishing it to make sure you’ve captured any typos or layout issues.

Blogs with an unclean layout – I don’t mean unclean as in sin and hellfire. I mean the blog layout just somehow doesn’t match the blog format. Usually I find this has to do with a mismatched color scheme. If the text color clashes with the background color, it’s going to make the entire layout look funny. I also occasionally see text that doesn’t wrap properly or a blog layout that covers text. My recommendation: Choose colors you like, of course, but focus on meshing them together well. Ask for second opinions once you find a color scheme you like. And try to hold off on posting blogs until drastic issues are resolved.

Blogs with too many pictures – I love pictures, I do. I don’t love sitting in front of my computer for five minutes waiting for your pictures to load. I especially don’t love sitting in front of my computer for five minutes waiting for your pictures to load when they’re basically the SAME PICTURE. My recommendation: I want to see your lovely photos, but if they’re similar, try to pare it down so that you’re only showing about five photos. If you’re showing photos that are not similar, incorporate a jump or a break to cut down on loading time.

Blog posts that have a jump – I know, I just recommended that you use a jump. If you’re going to have a lot of images in a post, it’s hard to avoid using a jump to help speed up loading time. The reason that I dislike jumps, however, is because I use Google Reader to subscribe to many blogs. Google Reader pulls in the blog into their format. I can’t see anything beyond the jump, which means that I have to go the extra step to click on the link to access your page if I want to read more. I’m lazy. If I’m on your blog and I have to go to a blog page directly to read the rest because of a jump, I then have to go back to read more on your blog, and remember, I’m lazy. My recommendation: I’m not the only lazy reader out there. Think about your readers in terms of blog accessibility, then go with your gut.

Blogs where I can’t scroll down and access more posts easily – If I’m reading your blog, chances are I want to read more than one post you’ve written. While I highly appreciate that bloggers think about loading times and try to alleviate those, it frustrates me when I can only read one post per page. I don’t want to click through a dozen pages to find the one post of yours I wanted to share from last week. My recommendation: If you’re going to alleviate loading time by showing only one page at a time, find sidebar widgets that help me navigate to older posts and categories. I would recommend having those regardless – they’re my favorite widgets.

Blogs that make it difficult to comment, like, or share – I like your blog post! I want to leave a comment to say so or to share my opinion as well! I want to like your blog! I want to share it with others! Oh, wait. I can’t. Blogs that make it difficult to leave comments or share them with other readers lose readership, period. My recommendation: Review your widgets and commenting abilities to make sure that they’re reader-friendly.

And one of my own pet peeves to prove I’m not a total blog snob…

WordPress saving and reloading issues – Anyone else have this problem? It doesn’t happen too often, but I’ll be working on a blog and suddenly, my browser will freeze. By the time I get back to the page, it’s disappeared. Thankfully WordPress automatically saves, so I don’t always lose my text, but I do often lose my saved publication specifications, categories, and tags. Since almost always I write my posts in advance and schedule them, this means that I accidentally post TV Tuesday posts on the previous Friday as uncategorized (which, you may have noticed, I never do) and no tags (again, never happens). Like I said, doesn’t happen often, but it’s quite the peeve when it does.

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What do you see when reading blogs that irritates you?

Happy Saturday! I’m heading down to Winona to help my boyfriend move back home. Here are the other currents:

What I’m watching:

  • Criminal Minds – Just assume this is going to be on here for eternity. Actually, I’m finishing up the fourth season, so probably not.
  • Bones – Just assume this is going to be on here for eternity. Really. I’m only on the second season.
  • Alice – I don’t know how I stumbled across this – probably a Netflix suggestion – but my boyfriend had it in his queue also. It’s a Syfy mini-mini-series based on the much overdone, not very good book Alice in Wonderland. It’s very long as one movie since it was designed as a short series, but it’s quite good. It’s definitely got a darker twist on the original story, which I always love. I’m anxiously waiting for the American McGee’s Alice, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar as Alice, to be made, though!

This looks pretty freaking awesome.

  • The King’s Speech – My parents started watching it when boyfriend and I were at my grandma’s on Easter, so we want to finish it. It does look pretty good.

Blogs I’m reading:

  • Embracing your inner cupcake – This lovely blogger, Heather, was my partner for this month’s Paper Doll Project. She’s got adorable style and I’ve really enjoyed reading her posts. She’s also given me some new ideas – always a good thing. Like this – I never thought someone curvy like me could pull off a maxi, but how glam does Heather look in this one? Incredibly glam.
  • Saturday Jane – Jessica seriously might be my more humorous other personality. She is hilarious. And her sense of humor is exactly like mine. And this post sounds exactly like a conversation with my boyfriend. It’s creepy. Get out of my head, woman! But she’s inspiring me to take note of my conversations with others, which will hopefully lead to some amusing posts.
  • A Reason to be Fabulous – This woman is downright adorable. Seriously. Go look and tell me she’s not adorable. She’s got a great sense of fashion and always has fun pictures. The best part? She looks more like me than other fashion bloggers, so I get a lot of great ideas for outfits from her. Like when she challenged herself to wear a white-button down shirt in five different ways one week. Love.
  • Coffee and a Cardigan – This is another awesome lady. Louise is such a doll and she’s got the greatest outfits! She wears a lot of dresses and skirts, which is realllly making me want to add to my collection. How adorable is this? I can definitely learn a thing or two from these ladies.

Check it out!

Thrift stores I’m loving:

  • Arc Value Village – I had never been to this thrift store up until last weekend and I really didn’t know what to expect. I don’t usually have luck with thrift stores, but I’d been wanting to take a day and go thrifting for a while, so I decided to be positive and see what came of it. I made out like a bandit. Arc was probably my favorite of all of the places we ended up during our thrift store adventure. They were organized fairly well (careless people always move things) and I found three cardigans there. Score!
  • Turnstyle Consignment – This consignment store is in my city, but I had never even heard of it until I looked up thrift stores in my area. It was a bit expensive (most consignment stores are) but I did find two shirts that I really liked. I was pretty disappointed with this store’s plus-size selection, though.
  • Chap Thrift Store – My mom told me about this thrift store a long time ago, but I had forgotten about it until I did my recent search. This is THE place to go for furniture, apparently. We got there late in the day and saw a ton of great looking furniture that had already been sold. Also, it’s run by a church and they give away day old bread (especially artisan breads) for free. We took home a ciabatta loaf and a honey sunflower loaf – both were delicious.
  • Unique – Unique reminds me of a great VeggieTales song called “StuffMart Rap.” Need a bookshelf? We got that! Need clothes? We got that too! Need mismatched silverware? They’re in stock! Their prices have gone up a bit recently, but they’re still a good go-to place if you have time to sift around.

Seriously, watch that clip. It's great.

Things I’m looking forward to: 

  • One last stay in Winona – As I mentioned, I’m down in Winona helping my boyfriend pack up and move his stuff back home. We decided to spend the night, mostly so we don’t rush ourselves. I’m grateful for this – because my boyfriend may hate it there, but Winona was my mini-vacation from life once a month. I really enjoyed spending time down there and I will miss having an excuse to get away.

Goodbye, Winona.

  • Getting my bike back – The good news about leaving Winona is that I’m finally bringing my bike home! I kept it in Winona because I didn’t use it much here, but I loved biking around town with boyfriend. Hopefully he and I will bike around here on at least a weekly basis. Shelby is coming home! Yes, I named my bike. Don’t act like it’s not awesome.
  • My Girls Night In Lia Sophia party – I’m having a jewelry, wine, and makeover party this Thursday and it should be a fun time! Not going to lie, I’m hoping the wine will invoke more jewelry purchases. I’m tricky like that.
  • Buying my WordPress domain – Yes, I’ve decided to do it. I’m going to buy my WordPress domain! Look for big changes to come in the next few months as a result.

What are you currently doing?

Recently, Friend Friday asked us to write about our blogging influences. Today’s Friend Friday questions are all about outside influences.

1. What magazines do you subscribe to? I actually don’t subscribe to any magazines. For one, they’re expensive and I don’t think they’re worth it. More importantly, though, almost all women’s magazines are chock full of crap that make women feel bad about themselves. Ironically, many claim that they’re good for women. For example, I used to subscribe to Marie Claire, who claim that they support women and occasionally run features on survivors. Then I realized that 95% of the magazine talks about how to make yourself more attractive. 0% talks about loving yourself.

2. Do you watch any fashion TV shows? I don’t really, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy them. They’re just not my favorite type of show, and since I have so many other shows that I want to watch, they get pushed to the back-back burner. I do like Project Runway and I’m interested in America’s Next Top Model. That’s about it.

3. Beyond blogs, what websites do you frequent for fashion inspiration? To be honest, I don’t seek out sites for fashion inspiration, but I will check out various retailers such as ModCloth if I’m looking for ideas or want to see some cute clothes. Kate recently invited me to Pinterest as well, so I’m anticipating that I’ll find a lot of inspirational ideas on there as well. Here’s my profile!

4. Advertisements play a huge role in forming public opinion about a product or brand… what ads do you like and why? I have to admit, my favorite commercials are the ones with Betty White in them. Seriously. I love her. She’s like my old lady idol. Beyond that, I don’t pay as much attention to ads as I do to marketing and advertising agencies and what they put out. For example, Jack Morton is my favorite agency because they create campaigns solely on user marketing strategies. Very interesting stuff comes out of there!

5. Do you own any fashion books? I don’t have any clothing fashion books, but it’s not because I’m not interested in them. It’s because I would buy the book and then it would go out of style in six months. Seems pointless to me. I do have a book on hairstyles because I suck at styling my hair (even more reason to love my new, simple haircut). I used to own the Bobby Brown Beauty Guide, mainly for makeup, but now I just use Mary Kay Makeup Artist palettes.

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Every Saturday, I’m going to post five sentence prompts, complete with answers. The reason for this? Lately (or for a year), I’ve been feeling silenced by others. My opinions don’t need to be heard, I’m too young/uneducated/fat/dorky/name-your-untrue-bullshit-reason to listen to. Realizing that got me thinking – I need to start speaking up about my wants and needs and hopes if I want to actually achieve my goals. We all do. Thus, Weekend Reflection was born. The questions will vary with each post, but two prompts will always be included: I want… and I need

Without further ado, here are the first five prompts:

1. I want… to feel like I’m being heard. To appreciate my body. To immediately focus on positives. To go shopping and find a plethora of great, inexpensive items.

2. I need… to have a voice.

3. I’m craving… Coke from the fountain. Not gonna lie.

4. I deserve… to feel safe and respected, just like every other person.

5. I’m going to take care of myself today by… focusing on thinking positively. I’ve been trying to incorporate positive thinking into my lifestyle more and today is a great day to start!

I encourage you to answer these questions on your own blog/Twitter/Facebook! You can say as much or as little as you like for each prompt – the goal is for you to find your voice. Sign up below to add your link – don’t forget to check out the other responses!

*Note: This is my first time testing out Mister Linky, so I apologize if it’s inconvenient. Please feel free to leave a comment if anything does not work so I can address the issue.

Today is a great day, readers, because today’s FBFF is on SHOES! As I’m sure you can tell from previous posts, I adore shoes. My boyfriend thinks I have a problem, but only because he doesn’t understand the innate (read: societal) need to own and wear many pairs of beautiful shoes. But for me, part of the reason that I love shoes so much is because I struggle to find clothes that look good on me, but I can almost always find an adorable-looking pair of shoes. Anyway, enough about that. On to the questions!

1.What is your go-to pair of shoes? My go-to pair is actually the only pair of shoes that my boyfriend has ever purchased for me, a pair of cute and simple black ballet flats from Target. They’re comfortable, but they’re also stylish and go with almost anything. In fact, I may be wearing them today. They also have some sentimental value, because as I said, they’re the only pair that my boyfriend has ever purchased for me. He adamantly refused to ever buy me shoes since apparently I have an “addiction” (not true, since I don’t let myself actually buy the shoes I ogle on a regular basis). When I said that my only pair of black flats, which I ADORED and wore all the time, were falling apart, he looked and agreed. I was very excited when I found out he got me shoes for my birthday! Best gift. 🙂

He even snapped a great picture of them during an outfit post shoot!

2. What goes into your shoe buying decisions?  Sadly, money, money, money. I rarely will spend more than $50 on a pair of shoes, and usually it’s more about $20. I’m big into clearance shopping for that reason. A trap I fell into, though, was buying cute shoes that were heavily discounted when they weren’t very comfortable. I’m learning to break that habit now. I’m hoping to make some more money soon and be able to truly splurge on a few pairs.

3. The majority of the shoes in your closet are what color? They are most definitely black. I have black flats, black boots, black pumps, black strappy heels, black shoes galore. I wear a lot of black, so that’s a big reason. I’m looking forward to getting more color into my shoe diet in the future!

4. When it comes to designer shoes what are your favorite brands and why?  Up to recently, I would have said Manolo Blahnik without hesitation, then followed up with Jimmy Choo. When I was doing a little digging for this Truth Thursday post on shoes, however, I realized that I don’t adore their brands as much as I truly adore Christian Louboutin. Despite the fact that his website is increasingly weird and slightly creepy, his shoes are amazing and much better fit my style. Someday I will own a pair. And yes, I will likely buy them on clearance.

5. If price wasn’t an issue, you’d own which shoe?  If price weren’t an issue, I’d own multiple pairs of shoes!

Like this fantastic pair of nude pumps from Christian Louboutin.

I’ve also been gunning for a pair of brown boots for quite some time, so I’d definitely expand my search on those. And as I mentioned, I really want to add color to my shoe closet, so I’d add a great pair of blue heels:

Like this.

And I love gray shoes, so I’d probably add some kind of gray heel. I’ve also really enjoyed some of the strappy flats I’ve seen recently. And I would definitely consider picking up a colorful print, like perhaps a floral? Many options!

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Remember, today is the last day to enter my giveaway for a nonfiction book of your choice from this blog post! And with that, here are my current happenings:

What I’m watching:

  • Criminal Minds – Yes, I am still watching Criminal Minds. It’s probably become my favorite crime show, although perhaps under Castle. I didn’t even realize I was already in season four until I saw the title on the last disc – only one and a half more seasons to go.
  • Firefly – A new awesome employee wellness activity at my work – catered lunch and an hour in front of Firefly monthly on Fridays! Talk about a perfect way to end the week. Granted, I was hoping we could watch a show that I hadn’t seen before, but I love this show, so I don’t mind.

"Space cowboy!" Wait, that's not the right show...

  • Bones – I finally have availability on my Netflix instant queue, and since I had started watching a few episodes of Bones a couple of months ago when my boyfriend was visiting, I decided I should keep going with it. I have yet to decide on whether or not I like it.
  • Angel – …is finished! The reason I can finally start watching other shows on my Netflix instant queue is that I finally finished the entire series of Angel. That means that I am done with both Buffy and Angel (the TV series, anyway – I’m working on getting the comic book for “season 8” of Buffy from the library) and can finally move on. Thanks for the good times, Joss.

Blogs I’m reading:

  • Already Pretty – I’ve mentioned Sally’s blog before, but her blog is my favorite of the fashion bloggers that I’ve seen. She doesn’t just write outfit posts, she answers readers’ questions, she discusses body image issues, and she seems like a genuine sweetheart. As for the fashion, the woman is an amazing dresser and not afraid to be bold. Plus she’s from my home state. You should definitely check out her blog!

With a heading like that, how could you not love her?

  • The Loft’s Writers Block – I stumbled across this blog thanks to a Twitter update and thought it was a really interesting concept. For those who don’t know, The Loft is a literary center in Minneapolis that’s dedicated to improving writers and nourishing creativity. Their blog features posts inspiration in order to help writers (or anybody) break through that haunting writers’ block. Even if you’re not a “writer” – but are maybe a blogger *hint hint* – their posts are definitely worth a look.
  • The New Professional – I don’t remember where I stumbled across Angeline’s blog, but it’s a fantastic mix of work and fashion blogging! Angeline has adorable outfit posts – that are all business casual, which is what I wear to work – and discusses other work-related ideas as well. She always has an inspiring outfit or great idea to share, so I’ve been enjoying checking out her blog regularly.
  • Miss Vinyl Ahoy – Not only does the darling Suze have some bold and awesome outfits, she also is in charge of the Paper Doll Project (which I really need to choose a piece and sign up for already!!). It’s a great way to connect with other bloggers and have fun. The idea is you pick an item in your closet and someone else (pre-chosen) designs an outfit around that piece for you. Should be fun!


Not a pleasant topic, I know, but there are definitely a few things that have unfortunately been top of mind lately.

  • I’ve been sick – I haven’t been sick in over a  year, due to regular working out and vitamins or something, but my good luck finally split. I caught a cold from my boyfriend (who I do not blame) and it’s been downright nasty. I haven’t had a cold take me out in a loooong time, but this one has kept me from sleeping (one hour of sleep one night) and working (took a half day on Monday). All I can say is UGH.
  • The foster cat – I adore Ballerina, I really do. What makes matters worse is that she “chose” me as her person. And that would be great except she and I do not cohabit well at night. I’ve tried everything – kicking her out, wearing earplugs – but she meows outside my door so I have to let her back in to avoid waking my roommates and she’s been waking me up through the earplugs because she wants attention. She’s adorable, but once she wakes me up (at 5 a.m.), I can’t fall back asleep. No longer acceptable. I’m going to see if my roommate wants to adopt her like he initially wanted. Sad panda. 😦

She's sweet and adorable until it's 5 a.m.

  • Upcoming living situation – Chances are very good that I’ll be moving out of my house at the end of July and moving in somewhere with my boyfriend. Where? Oh, good question. We don’t know. There are many unmentionable issues that are holding us back, so we’re waiting for answers on those. Always waiting.
  • Money – Money is always an issue, and it’s actually been better than normal, but it’s still a frustration. You may recall that I put myself on a grocery budget this month in order to curb my spending and use up what I had in the house. Well, I did use up some stuff, but I definitely broke my budget. I also broke my overall budget, so needless to say, last month’s budgeting did not go so well. Stressor.

Things I’m looking forward to:

The above happenings may be stressing me out, but it helps to think about these upcoming happenings.

  • My boyfriend is moving home in two weeks! – After two long years of long-distance romancing, my boyfriend and I are finally going to be living in the same community again! As I mentioned above, we’re planning on moving in together, but we’re not sure that will be immediately or at the end of July. He seems to be allergic to something at my house (hopefully not bedbugs since we JUST sprayed again) and there are a lot of people there already. Regardless, I get boy time whenever! Definite excitement.


  • Getting healthy – If this could happen RIGHT NOW, that would be great. Kthx.
  • Library reopening – Okay, I know this makes me a nerd, but the library in my town has been closed for remodeling since last September and I really miss it. The other libraries in my county are not convenient and I really got used to running to my library for a quick drop-off or pick-up. I even put the reopening in my calendar. I’m like that.
  • Shopping – I still haven’t gotten to go shopping (remember the aforementioned budget crisis?). I have a few stores that I want to go splurge at, but I’m waiting for an influx of money. I also still want to go thrifting! Hopefully soon…

What are your current happenings?

This week’s Friend Friday is all about fitness! To be honest, in the past, I would have had very little to say about this as I hated working out. A year ago, however, I joined a gym and while I still don’t love working out, I like the feeling of finishing up a workout. Combined with my desire to improve my body image, this Friend Friday poses some great and apropos questions that I’m no longer afraid of:

1. Do you keep some kind of fitness routine? Why?  I do! I joined Snap Fitness a year ago and have really enjoyed going to the gym on a (somewhat) regular basis – although I haven’t gone much this year due to an overwhelmingly busy schedule and now illness, but I’ll get back soon. As mentioned above, I used to hate working out, but I really struggled with body image (still do) and wanted to want to work out. I would try during college to go work out at the school’s gym, but never maintained a schedule. It didn’t help that I didn’t know that lifting weights helps my body type exponentially more than cardio workouts do. Now, I go in a few times a week to lift weights and/or do interval training cardio exercises (trying to build up to going in almost every day, alternating intervals and weight lifting). Have I lost weight? No. But do I feel stronger and healthier? Absolutely. In fact, I think the reason I haven’t been sick in over a year – until now – was because I worked out regularly and take daily vitamin supplements.

2. Has working out, maybe training for a marathon or something of that nature, helped with your own perception of body image? In a way, it has. I feel better about myself when I work out knowing that I’m trying to do something to improve my body. I actually feel guilty when I have time to work out and don’t. At the same time, the fact that my body shape hasn’t changed at all is difficult to deal with. I have to remind myself that I changed birth control recently and that I’ve been overwhelmed with stress and depression much of this year, both of which can be attributed to weight gain. Other than ensuring that I pair proteins and carbs, I also don’t watch what I eat. Bottom line, I feel better about myself when I work out because I’m making an effort to be healthier. 

3. When you are hitting the gym or just going out for a long walk what do you wear? Is it about functionality or fashion? Haha it’s totally about functionality! I used to care about what I looked like at all times, including doing a light cover-up to go to the gym. To be fair, St. Olaf was filled with young women who had to look perfect at all times. Now I realize how ridiculous it is to look good when you go to the gym. That’s not what the gym is about. The gym is about putting your body through positive stress, and like it or not, that stress is not going to make you look good.

4. Do you feel there is a cultural perception of what you ‘should’ be doing for your own physical fitness? Oh, absolutely. There’s an overwhelming aversion/dislike/hatred of fat people. People who aren’t fat have this fierce belief that those people are just lazy pigs and that’s absolutely not true. Yes, obviously many people eat what they shouldn’t and don’t exercise as much as they should, but bodies have a set, natural, predestined shape. I could eat celery for the rest of my life and still wouldn’t be a size zero. I could diet forever and never weigh what a skinny person who eats nothing but ice cream and cheeseburgers weighs. It’s not at all fair and I struggle with that fairness every day. 

5.  Dream big… what would be your ultimate fitness goal. Honestly, it would be to lose weight and feel comfortable in my own skin. I still struggle with my body image on a daily issue, so I really wish that I felt more confident. I hate society and its demands, but I still subscribe to them – how can you not? If you know, please teach me.

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